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What is human fleshlight?

Shaped like a flashlight, feels like vagina, and you put your penis in it.

"Hey man, can i borroe your fleshlight? I can't find mine and haven't gotten off in weeks."

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Human fleshlight - what is it?

An incredible highly recommended male's sex toy that really DOES feel like the real thing.

It never has a headache, you can't get it pregnant, it's never that time of the month, it's always in the mood, doesn't gripe at you for leaving the toilet seat up, doesn't nag you for leaving your underwear on the floor, doesn't care if you'll respect it in the morning, doesn't need to cuddle afterwards, doesn't care if you bring home another girl, it can't give you crabs or the clap, and you don't have to worry about it divorcing you and ripping your testicles off through your wallet.

If only it could cook, do dishes, and iron, women would be out of business.

who needs a wife when i got a fleshlight?

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What does "human fleshlight" mean?

competition for women, feels amazing usually because even if it get loose you can always buy another one. And it comes in three different forms - anal, vagina and blowjob! There are also new toys called an artificial vagina.

fuck you bitch, i got a fleshlight.

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Human fleshlight - what does it mean?

A guy who uses the sex toy Fleshlight frequently and takes pride in doing so. He may just kick back and use it on his penis just as if he was masturbating, or he may set up a fuck station (AKA fleshlight mount) and pound the cum into it.

- Yo, man... I can't hide it anymore. I fucking love having sex with ladies but I also love having sex with my pocket vagina AKA the FLESHLIGHT!

- LOL, bro... you're such a fucking fleshlighter, yo!

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Human fleshlight

a sex toy for men. there are four parts: a sturdy plastic case shaped like a flashlight, an end cap to control suction, a lid to close the fleshlight when not in use and the insert itself. the insert feels like those gooey toy things that stick to surfaces and come in 25 cent bulk vending machines.

Whore: hey stud, $50 for a blowjob and some anal
Man: fuck off bitch, I have my fleshlight!

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Human fleshlight

A sex toy used to replicate a vagina. A fleshlight is intended to stimulate the penis into an orgasm. A fleshlight has the same use to a male as a Dildo has to a female.

Damn, I havn't been laid in days...Where'd I put my fleshlight....?

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Human fleshlight

the top selling male masturbation tool. it consists of an outside case which is shaped like a large flashlight, and an inner insert which comes in a variety of colors, orifices, and internal textures & ribbing styles.

While I was shopping for my girlfriend at Toys in Babeland, one of the workers there suggested I buy the Fleshlight for myself.

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Human fleshlight

Shaped like a flashlight, but you have sex with it. Made for male masturbation.

I used my fleshlight last night. It felt great.

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Human fleshlight

Using a Fleshlight to get off.... To Masturbate using a Fleshlight Sex Toy..... To Use a Fleshlight on one's Penis for the purpose of Ejaculation or Sex Play, role play, fantasy play or other sexual use, perhaps even with a woman or man for sexual simulation as with real intercourse using a fleshlight rather than a vagina or ass or even mouth to protect one's value system..... to appease the male.

My girlfriend is a virgin, and wants to stay one until marriage, so she consented to fleshlighting instead, it's better than nothing! OR I wasn't able to pick up a girl last night, so I so when I got home I ended up fleshlighting instead.

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Human fleshlight

Sexual act in which the smaller person in a couple is used as if they were a flesh light.

A seven foot tall man fucked me like I was a human fleshlight .

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