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What is human dictionary?

1: the living end.
2: a walking disease.
3: beyond good and evil.
4: the flesh that never rests.

"My hatred for humanity has reached an all time high."
The Berzerker - February

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Human dictionary - what is it?

Self-absorbed animals in clothes.

Chimpanzee: This planet might actually be pretty cool if those pompous, pretentious, selfish humans weren't running around like they owned the show. Wait, I'm an animal... how the hell am I talking?

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What does "human dictionary" mean?

A fictional race of Argonimorphic apes, presented in books, movies, tales and in the real life. Humans are warm-blooded, soft-skinned, flat-faced, ugly mammals, who tent to make things that are beautiful ugly. The apes are rather unintelligent (the average intelligence quotient is 100), their main obsessions are domination, copulation (population over 6.600.000.000 and is still growing, it probably will until the apes run out of food, this obsession can also leads to deviations, which is some sort of a psyche decease or highly dangerous side effect), social integration (the more friends they have - the better it is). They are treacherous, best not to trust them. The aggression level is so high that they can't get on without killing each other, every excuse is good to start a military conflict, or at least humiliate the opposing side and show one's domination over the other side. Also, humans are very weird, for example, in a face to face contact to communicate you have not only use words, but also mimics, gesticulation and the so called, overall "body language". All in all, they have a tendency for over expression of their feelings, yet sometimes they seem to have no real feelings at all or have extremely shallow feelings. Some of them also believe in "faith", which is a thing that serves as an excuse for their mistakes and wrong life decisions. Most of the human governments, if not all of them, are Kleptocratic.

Humans also have very weird sense of beauty, they consider ugly things (for example: snow mountains) as "breath taking". In most cases they can't even use the simplest logic. Paradoxically, everything in their life must be in a perfect order, everything must have a number, a name, every single item has its very own place in their homes, work places or wherever. They also like lots of entertainment and they can't remain serious when required. It is also worth noticing that in the human societies the Emotional Quotient (also known as EQ, also known as inter personal intelligence or emotional intelligence) is far more important than the actual Intelligence Quotient, in other words: it's better if you are charming than if you are intelligent. Humans have created over 3.000 languages and there are more than two hundred countries. The reason why humans don't want to unite is unknown, although they use excuses such as "culture", "languages" and few other things. In human societies being cynical is perceived as a disadvantage, a bad element of personality. Humans are also very ignorant and arrogant.

A very good example of their ignorance is fiction they create. For some unknown reasons they think that other sentient races - if they, of course, exist, are exactly same as them. A perfect example of this are the fan-made Argonian related modifications for the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, where humans are showing their lack of most basic knowledge and logical reasoning by mistaking reptiles with mammals et cetera.

The only hope for stopping this madness is the nuclear weapons arsenal, which is possessed by some countries, such as Pakistan, India, France, United States, China, United Kingdom or Russia.

Note: This is not a sarcastic entry.

You piece of human!

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Human dictionary - what does it mean?

A race on "Earth", that makes it's way through all there is by enslaving or destroying anyone or anything in it's way.
Claims to be civilised and moral, but fails to demonstrate it through it's actions.
Also is not to be trusted. These humans will betray you or anyne else if it serves their purpose.
Suffers from a severe superiority complex.

Look at me dad, i am crawling into space. I am only just here because it has taken me this lng to get enough money because of rules i created. Whoops, said too much!!

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Human dictionary

When an animal sexually assaults and fucks a human. Opposite of Beastiality, when a human sexually assaults and fucks an animal. Beastiality is illegal but Humanality is legal.

Jack: You want to get fucked by my pony?

Jill: Isn't Beastiality Illegal?

Jack: Beastiality would be if you fucked the animal, but in this case you're just going to pull down your pants and bend over on all fours and if the animal wants to fuck you, AND I KNOW IT WILL, this is Humanality!!! When The Animal Fucks You!!!

Jill: What if it comes inside me?

Jack: You can't get pregnant, and it's cum is about fifty times more than what a human can produce. It's safe sex without the need for birth control or condoms, and you can experience what it's like to have something cum inside you!

Jill: Since you put it that way, it makes perfect since cause the animal decides, the animal is doing all the work, I can't get pregnant, and I get a cream pie. OK, I'll do it!

Jack: I knew you would. Now just put on these lockable ankle and wrist restraints and let me strap you into that doggy style stockade with lockable waist bar and lockable neck stand.

Jill: OK, I'm locked in and ready.

Jack: OK, here they come!

Jill: THEY?

Jack: Don't worry, there's only ten of them.

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Human dictionary

To act like a human, albeit an arsehole which is typical of human behaviour

I wasn't surprised that John slept with Brian's wife, that's very humanal of him

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Human dictionary

The thing you've lost faith in

Sigh.... I've lost all faith in humanity

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Human dictionary

The doom of this planet.

"Humans are nothing but fucking viruses with shoes."

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Human dictionary

When someone gets so bored,they do nothing but look at random definitions on to further increase their urban intellectualness.

Girl:Whats a wrapper taco?
Boy:When you eat multiple tacos over one wraper at taco bell and stuff all the fallen food into your face like it was its own taco.
Girl:dang,your like a human urban dictionary

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Human dictionary

A person who knows the spellings meanings of most words, as in a word geek.

"Hey, look! There goes the Human Dictionary!"

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