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What is hope?

something that might help someone keep going, but just makes failure feel a lot worse if it happens.

it was hope that let him keep trying to make things work out with the girl, but it was also what made him feel like shit when things didn't.

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Hope - what is it?

theres only one hope and shes pretty damn amazing<3

hope your boobs are smaller then mine.

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What does "hope" mean?

a wish or dream that you truely desire in your heart

I HOPE I find true love one day

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Hope - what does it mean?


When all is lost. You have lost everything. You are down and depressed and buried under ground mentally. The word that keeps you going "HOPE". Always hope for better things. Many people have told me hope can drive you insane...they can think what they want. I have found if you stay strong inside, you can get through anything.

A perfect example would be The Shawshank Redemption. Throughout, Red says Hope is terrible. It can make you insane. But Andy shows him in the end, as he escapes even though he has been through hell. He had hope in his heart during the darkest of times.

"Remember, HOPE is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies"

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Hope - meaning

a very dangerous thing to lose

"hope is a very dangerous thing to lose"

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Hope - definition

Hope is the only thing you need to stand against any of life's challenges. People with hope can endure things beyond what those without can even imagine.
Real hope is not THINKING, but KNOWING things will get better somehow. Real hope is to know you can win against "impossible" odds. Real hope is the belief in the power of 0.00001%. Real hope is to know that not only do miracles happen, but even Deus Ex Machina can actually happen. Real hope is knowing that "impossible" is just another word for "difficult".

Things will get better. It's not over yet. There's still hope.

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Hope - slang

hope is a collection of awesome things like transformers, jellybeans and ninjas that amount to a girl who is the most beatiful girl you would ever see, incredibly clumsy, gets insane blisters, dances heaps, loves everyone, and is secretly bumble bee... but dont tell any one...

you walk down the street and you see a beatiful blonde girl driving a morry when she gets distracted and crashes.

she gets out unharmed and says to you... hi, i'm hope. hows it goin?

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this beautiful girly who people have much love for. she'll always be there when you need her most and be that shoulder too cry on! yeh this girls a total babe and such a good'll never loose hope if you have a hope in your life<33

hannah; i have the bestestestestestestest friend in the world.
hope; really whos that then?;/
hannah; you:')!
hope; awh thank you hunny bunch, have £100!
hannah; okay where is it?
hope; in ma pantss.
hannah; kay im going in.
hope; there isnt really but whats in there is worth £100;)

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desire of something together with the expectation of obtaining it

I hope with God's help I shall draw closer to his expectations

Like supernatural faith and charity hope is directly implanted in the soul by Almighty God

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a beautiful friend who will stand by you through everything and someone you can always rely on. beautiful on the inside and out with a very funny and warm personality. quite a small person with a huge heart, big eyes and pretty features. can make you laugh at any time and does the most random and spazzy things that will just put a big smile on your face. extremely spontaneous and likes to make people happy. shes the girl all the guys want, she makes them fall over as they get distracted by her beauty, all the girls want to be her and wish she was their friend. she can have any guy she wants

boy: woah look at that hope, oh how i wish she was mine,.
girl: shamee,, i want her too, shes so gorgeous shes turned me lesbo
boy: im suprised shes not turned the whole population of girls lesbo, i mean look at her shes a stunner

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