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What is home town?

A girl who doesn’t no how to say no and has sex with everybody in her home town. Touring guy after guy faster girl after guy

That photographer is a home-town tourist, that’s why there’s so much pain in her photos.

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Home town - what is it?

A girl/guy from a persons home town whom they "hook up" with in their home town when away from their current place of living (specifically in reference to returning to a parents home from college)

I'm going to home this weekend I hope my home town hero Samantha is there so we can slam

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What does "home town" mean?

A nationwide insurance based disaster recovery corporation. Insurance claims specialist, knowledgeable and committed to providing assistance to homeowners in their time of need, with any type of insurance claim pertaining to fire/smoke, water, hail/wind.

Home town rebuilders,llc really came through for our family when a hail storm hit our roof they worked directly with our insurance company and got us the maximum amount our policy allowed!

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Home town - what does it mean?

A person, usually female although can be male, to which someone indulges in platonic acts with whilst back home from College/Univeristy.

Hey Pete, when I go back to Leeds I'm gonna meet my Home Town Hunny

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Home town - meaning

A town that no one really cares about but where most people are from

My home town is (insert boring place here) and I miss it dearly.

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