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What is holy fuck?

Sexual intercourse that takes place on holy grounds. This includes chaples, churches, pews in your church, graveyards, and graves etc.

"Man, it was a holy fuck" "religious prostitute"

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holy fuck - video

Holy fuck - what is it?

its when you have sex inna church

"i fucked this nunn in a church"

"woah man"

"yeah, i called it the 'holy fuck' "

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What does "holy fuck" mean?

A fuck so good, even Jesus appreciates that shit.
a form of extreme disgust or disapproval.

gf - holy fuck that was good.
bf - yup
gf- holy fuck, youre an idiot.
bf - stfu i didnt mean to

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Holy fuck - what does it mean?

An expressions of extreme shock, surprise or anything related.
Similar to what the fuck! but can be used in a more positive manner.

Bill wins the grand prize of the lottery and shouts "HOLY FUCK!" as he completely didn't expect to win. He is filled with surprise and joy.

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Holy fuck - meaning

what you say when you cum really pleasantly to the kinkiest sick porno (legal for fuck's sake) that you have ever seen

HHooooooollyyyy fuck holy fuck, holy fuck! oh, oh, yeah!

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Holy fuck - definition

to fuck under the holy bible in church

boy: hey meet meet me at the church at 1

girl: why?
boy: because iā€™m going to holy fuck the shit out of you

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Holy fuck - slang

a holy fuck is an event when a priest and a nun meet up for a fuck

on pornhub i found a video of a holy fuck

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Holy fuck

1.something that is amazing and/or stupid.

jim-Wow i just said fuck u to a teacher
bob-holy fuck dude your crazy.

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Holy fuck

The act that occurred when Mary conceived Jesus.

God gave Mary a holy fuck.

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Holy fuck

An exclamation, much like "Holy Shit!", but more offensive, which is good.

"Holy Fuck, that fart must have had 75 Hobo Power!"

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