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What is hitch hiker?

lazy hitch hiker is the man that sits next to the road with his thumb out rather than standing or walking.

Alternate definition:
A sign sold by Midnights Madness in the form of a giant thumb to help lazy hitch hikers get more rides.

I'm not picking up that lazy hitch hiker. that guy is so lazy he can barely stick his thumb out.

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Hitch hiker - what is it?

the worlds best book series that has the disadvantage of having a horrible movie assosiated with it

the pangalatic gargle blaster

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What does "hitch hiker" mean?

Deputy Ryans partna Deputy Daly.

Ryans:LOOOKIE who it is! It's dem damn bois! Cum on Gay Hitch Hiker lets make dem bois suck on dis caulk!
Daly:OK Sir I'll git da camera!
Ryans:Hey Todddlah! Hey JerRed! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSuck on dis Caulk!

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Hitch hiker - what does it mean?

When a man is sitting on the coutch and a lady friend comes to sit by you and you stick your thumb out for her to sit on.

Come sit over here so i can give you a Lazy hitch hiker

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Hitch hiker - meaning

When one partner is performing oral sex on their knees with the recipient in a standing position. The 'performer' then closes one hand in a thumbs-up position and inserts the full length of the thumb into the partner's rectum. Giving the in-and-out motion reminiscent of a hitch-hiker.

"Sally sucked my cock last night and gave me the ol' Flemish hitch-hiker, my ass is still sore!"

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Hitch hiker - definition

also see stranger A hitch-hiker is where you make your hand go numb and masturbate. Similar to a stranger but done in a car.

I couldn't wait to get home to give myself a starnger, so I decided to give my self a hitch-hiker.

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Hitch hiker - slang

Hitch Hiker - The act of defecating in an individuals traveling instruments. Examples: (These range from least hitch-hikerish to the original hitch hiker.)

- Female's Purse
- Friends Backpack

- The trunk of a car
- The back seat of a car

The origin of the Hitch Hiker developed out of an "Upper Decker" gone wrong. One word. Revenge.

That revenge came in the soft brown form of fecal matter residing in the back seat of a beat up four door sedan. It expanded into other various forms of the hitch hiker, some still being discovered across the glob.

However, the soul intent to place the poo in another persons traveling instruments remains.

"He upper decked me, so I gave him a hitch hiker"

"I woke up in the back seat to his girlfriend giving him road head... I didn't like the fact that was going on while I was sleeping in the back seat.. but I didn't want to be a cock blocker, so I quietly left a hitch hiker in his back seat as a friendly thank you."

"She told my friend that she wanted to have my babies, so I left a hitch hiker in her purse to make sure she wouldn't call me again."

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Hitch hiker

when you fart and it travels uo your crack and pops out the top of the anus or the oppisite direction going up next to your testicles.

wow that fart sounded funny mike was that a hitch hiker oh yeah right next to the nuts.

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Hitch hiker

When a girl is on her knees giving a blowjob and she puts her arm between your legs and puts her hand in a hitch hiking position and puts her thumb up your ass.

That girl gave me a hitch hiker, and i got the best of both worlds.

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