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What is hide the chips?

Equilly popular with former drummer Yoshiki, this former guitarist saddened all of Japan. He was rich & had a new album he was working on, hardly depressing. He came home drunk one night & hung himself with a towel. Many believe he was murdered but it couln't possibly have been an "accident" A large museum was deticated to him after death.

Ironically, Hizumi from early Madeth Gray'll died on the same day. Also, a friend of Hide's from early Das:Vasser died in a car crash on the way to his funeral.

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Hide the chips - what is it?

Guitarist for band X-Japan, but when they disbanded, was able to work more on other music career. Had a couple solo albums then an album with Zilch and another with Spread Beaver, both his bands. Committed suicide.

"Dice" is one great hide song.

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What does "hide the chips" mean?

Hideto Matsumoto, more commonly known by his nickname hide (lowercase 'h')was the brilliant, flamboyant, pink-haired guitarist of legendary Japanese rock band X Japan. He died on May 2nd, 1998 at the age of 33, though the manner of his death is debatable.
He achieved godly status with many in Japan and all over Asia. Over 70,000 people attended his funeral and a museum was built in his honour.

Apart from X Japan, he also formed the band Yokosuka Saver Tiger, took part in an American collaboration, Zilch, was a part of hide with Spread Beaver, and had a successful solo career.

Will there ever be a person as amazing as hide again?

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Hide the chips - what does it mean?

hide was a brilliant musician, full of talent, who shocked all of the world with his tragic suicide on May the second, 1998, at 8:30 PM. He came home drunk and had hung himself on his bathroom door with a towel. He's known for working with X Japan and Spread Beaver, and always had flaming pink hair which earned him the nickname "Pink Spider", which was the name of one of his most well-known songs. It's a rumour that this song was a suicide note in disquise. His name is always in lower case letters

1: I dearly miss hide.
2: Long live the Pink Spider!

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Hide the chips

pink haired god of rock. lowercase h, bitches. drink or die.

"On geetah-- hide!" "Oh my fucking hide!"

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Hide the chips

One cool pink-haired dude who died in 1998.

"I miss hide, he was so awesome"
"Yeah me too. I think I'll dye my hair pink"

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Hide the chips

X Japan's guitarist and then vocalist and guitarist for his solo project 'hide with Spread Beaver' and the American based band Zilch.

Famous for his pink hair, which earned him the nickname 'Pink Spider'.

Commited suicide May 2nd, 1998, leaving thousands of fans, a few of which attempted suicide too.

His name is alway lowercased.

Look at the hide plushie!
hide was an awesome guitarist.

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Hide the chips

A brutal beating

I gave that horse fucker a bloody good hiding!

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Hide the chips

The hide is a gesture made when you're embarassed. You put your hands in front of your face and hide from the person you're speaking to. You may use other things to hide yourself, such as pillows or behind things.

*says something embarassing*
*does the hide*

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Hide the chips

Before hiding the sausage, any man worth his salt first hides the chips. i.e. before sticking your cock in a bird it is generally wise to stick a couple of fingers in there to assess the risk of disease/transvestite/mousetraps.

This act can be conveniently passed off as "foreplay".

A: Dude I saw you getting it on with Stacey last night, how'd you make out?
B: Gutted, she'd only let me finger her.
A: Hid the chips?* Here let me smell.

*past participle of "hide the chips"

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