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What is hidden hand?

When someone is about to perform oral services to a male, the male tucks his penis between his legs when the performer isnt paying attention. When the performer's face is close enough to the penis the male opens his legs, resulting in a surprise attack to the performer's face.

Johnny did the "hidden ninja" on Hailey, and she broke up with him.

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Hidden hand - what is it?

A hidden agenda is like an ulterior motive; you or someone else may do something or act a certain way in supposed benevolence, but the real reason you or they actually did that was also for personal gain; not to just help out.

My dad kindly lent me the money to buy my first car, but it turned out he just did that so he could borrow it from me all the time. This new car had a towbar to use with his friends trailer he borrowed, so he could move his stuff out faster. Hence, he only lent me the money so that he could use the car I bought, for himself. That guy is full of hidden agendas.

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What does "hidden hand" mean?

1) The hidden kiss is a metaphor from Peter Pan. In short, it may represent preserved innocence- the part of oneself that remains forever youthful. Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan, keeps her hidden kiss to herself; not even sharing it with Mr. Darling. One's hidden kiss, reveals the truth of his or her innermost self; his or her true cares and beliefs; what makes a person tick.

2) In Peter Pan, the hidden kiss is located in the corner of the mouth, where the lip begins to turn out. It could just be a term for that area of the mouth. Or, maybe Mrs. Darling's "hidden kiss" is there, because that is the area where her facial expression changes… ruining her façade.

-If anyone is especially interested in this term, check out literary discussions that compare the metaphors of Mrs. Darlings hidden kiss, with Peter Pan and Wendy. Very poetical stuff!

Mrs. Darling's hidden kiss in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan."

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Hidden hand - what does it mean?

A hidden wrist blade that will deploy with the pull of a ring pulley system that causes the blade to extend and retract.

Ezio: My hidden blade is broken, it won't extend. I need to see Leonardo

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Hidden hand

A video game, movie or book that is considered to be good but is relatively unknown.

Man, Doom Troopers is such an awesome hidden gem. It's a shame that not a lot of people know about it.

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Hidden hand

(n.) A seemingly complimentary statement, usually said by one female to another, that is covertly derogatory or insulting in nature or intent — perceivable only to the individual to whom the statement was directed and nobody else.

1) Example of an archetypal "hidden brick" between two females:

Alexandra: What do you think of my engagement ring?
Becky: It's cute.
Alexandra: What do you mean it's "cute"?! This ring is BEAUTIFUL, you bitch!

2) Male counterexample:

Andrew: What do you think of my new crossbow?
Ben: It's cute.
Andrew: Screw you! This crossbow is friggin' BADASS, you dipshit!

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Hidden hand

What you write when you're trying to type "hidden" and you're a complete fucking moron who doesn't know how to English.

My ability to grammar goodly hiddened as I wrote this sentence.

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Hidden hand

when you fuck my rump

wow, your'e really hidden my rump

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Hidden hand

Something that isn't in your sight but you (or someone) know that is there. Like when someone (your girl) take away the remote of the TV.

Where is hidden the damn remote!?

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Hidden hand

The Hidden Hand are the people who have always been the highest hidden authority. It's a Secret brotherhood that controls a network of secret societies such as (Bavarian) Illuminati, Freemasonry. These secret societies carry out the orders that are passed down to them through various levels of power which the secret societies then pass down even further through so many more levels so that when the order has finally reached a person he has no clue from where the order came or why. The people you see in power are nothing. The only truly powerful family is the British Royal Family because of their bloodline. they are the highest authority and control everyone else, they control a net-work of secret societies that work under them. They are a small fraternity, a few people who have the purest bloodline which goes back to the ancient world. The Hidden Hand is a small secret brotherhood that follows the mystery religions of ancient Egypt and other mystery religions of the ancient world. They control a network of secret societies. They are incredibly well organised. Adam Weishaupt was taught and financed by pow-erful families who were under the hands of the Hidden Hand. Hidden hand were the ones who, through certain people, had Adam Weishaupt create the Illuminati for cer-tain reasons, some of which are obvious. The Hidden Hand traces its origins back to an-cient Egypt and possibly Sumeria, therefore you see Egyptian symbolism everywhere.

"The Hidden Hand symbolism are everywhere! Look at Egyptian Symbolism!" said the Hidden Hand Conspiracy Theorist said.

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