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What is hero's?

A person who buys a door on zombies

Noob "Open door" Hero "Ok" *Hero opens door*

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Hero's - what is it?

one who lays down his own life so that others can live

the blood that has forever stained the beaches of Normandy, is the blood of heroes

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What does "hero's" mean?

Someone who helps without anything expected in return. Their gesture may be big or small, profound or not, it doesn't make im' any less of a hero.

Dr. King

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Hero's - what does it mean?

A professional athlete who leaves his large paychecks for a place on the front lines of our country's defense.

Pat Tillman, 1977-2004

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Defined in the movie Serenity:

A hero is someone who gets a lot of OTHER people killed.

Billy, don't be a hero.

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Perhaps one of the greatest shows on NBC, it is an American drama television series that features ordinary people who developed superpowers.

It's not your average superhero movie--the characters aren't a small group of people that "nobody understands" and try to save the world in fancy costumes. Watch it, and you'll see why everybody's crazy about it.

I just watched Heroes last Monday night... it rocked! I never knew I could say that about a superhero show, but this is different from the rest!

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To single handedly charge into a group of enemies in a attempt to look like a hero.

Note: The possibility of sucess should be very low.

In a game (lets say DoTa), when player A charges into the enemy team alone...
*player A charges head on into 5 enemies*

player B : "WHY ARE YOU HEROING?! "

*player A dies*

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A derogatory term used to describe someone who tries way too hard at delivering peace or justice in which the matters are trivial and not worth bothering about.

The persons intentions of being a HERO is usually to receive applause or gratitude from others

You are a HERO because you yelled at someone who crossed the road without waiting for the lights to go green when no cars were coming.

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A word that has recently been overused in the American English vocabulary. It has been automatically bestowed upon people in the law enforcement, armed forces, or fire/rescue services, as well as presidents. I.e. police officers, soldiers, and fire fighters and paramedics. A hero, however, does not require wearing a uniform or be involved in such professions listed above.

The basic definition of a hero is one who does not recognize such declarations bestowed upon them by others and accomplishes an act or acts which are deemed extraordinary and exceeds the call of duty. This act or acts usually involves the intention or consequence of saving another person(s) life or rescuing another from impending harm.

"Did you hear what Tony did? He jumped into a pool of alligators and rescued a little girl. He is such a hero! And to think I never noticed him in the accounting department!", fawns the blonde bombshell to her voluptuous and stacked brunette friend.

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Someone who opens a door on call of duty zombies even though they have the least amount of points.

Player 1 : I'll open the door to the stage
Player 2 : But you have the least amount of points
Player 1 : I know, but I'm doing it anyway
Player 2 : Thanks player 2, you're a hero

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