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What is heaven on earth?

Getting head while going through a fast food drive through even while they hand you the food.

Dude, did you hear that Z got a heavener yesterday at McDonalds. The cashier freaked out when he nearly splooshed on the fries.

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Heaven on earth - what is it?

God's reality TV show.

That planet gets good ratings on Uranus.

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What does "heaven on earth" mean?

She's sexy, loves her friends ,a wonderful girlfriend ,but kinda shy.she doesn't like to stay in her house all day she likes to do fun stuff . she's kinda lazy,and likes to watch TV and cuddle, she love to long board .she's funny,smart,a good friend ,she has a bubble butt . and is a great singer and dancer!!

I love Heaven

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Heaven on earth - what does it mean?

Heaven is a girl that nobody can really define. She is a beautiful, goofy, smart, loyal, outgoing girl, but shy at first. She avoids love, making her biggest fear rejection, but in all reality, would really love to have a boyfriend. She’s keeps a small friend group of pure crackheads, the people that make her who she is. More than anything, she loves food, preferably junk food, but literally doesn’t gain any weight from it. She tends to think she’s doing things wrong all the time, but really isn’t. She can’t help but be perfect. Heaven is one of a kind.

You won’t regret being friends with Heaven.

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Heaven on earth

Mostly harmless.

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Heaven on earth

A planet-shaped insane asylum, containing mostly insects.

"We're back on Earth. Time to take some Prozac!"

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Heaven on earth

In an angelic manner

She heavenously floated across the ocean

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Heaven on earth

The most beautiful girl you could meet . Sweet , caring , funny , loud , smart , slow , one of the greatest person you could ever meet , she's loyal, shows emotion, acts like she doesn't care because inside she's hurting .

damn heaven seems happy that they broke up.

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Heaven on earth

When you are not poor to beg nor rich to have insomnia, yet you can eat and drink (without a tube), walk (without bodyguards), shower (without a nurse), and earn or save enough (without kissing your boss’s ass)—and you can contribute to Urban Dictionary every now and then.

Heaven on earth starts right here on this side of eternity, not after you’ve earned your first million or billion, or experienced your last heartbeat—remember to count your blessings and be a blessing to others.

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Heaven on earth

Anything that is extremely wonderful and exist only on Earth.

1. Heaven on earth is the area between my girlfriend's legs!

2. Hard-on alley is heaven on earth.

3. This quesadilla is heaven on earth.

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