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What is harmony?

A beautiful funny loving girl.she can be annoying at times but she is hard not to fall in love wit. And rite wen u meet her u will b wanting to never let go of her she is shorter than most..she is a unique person u would b impressed with her in bed even for her first time she usauly acts like she doesn't Know much but she plays dumb most of the time and if she texts u and argues with u a lot than she most likely likes you she only wants one person in her life

Wow Harmony ur the best I ever had in bed

Harmony I miss you, u left your mark on me
have u guys heard about the new girl harmony she is very pretty

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Harmony - what is it?

1. combination of simultaneous musical notes to produce chords that have a pleasing effect/forming a pleasing and consistent whole
2. agreement or concord
3. in the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling, harmony is another name for the Harry and Hermione ship (equivalent to celebrity couple names, aka Brad + Angelina = Brangelina. Harry + Hermione = Harmony).

Harmonians, as the followers of this ship are called, believe that Harry and Hermione's friendship had much more potential and depth for a romantic relationship than Ron and Hermione's bickering.

Harmonians, or the Harmony ship, is often referred to as "delusional," and Harmonians are repeatedly told to reread the books by Herons (The Ron and Hermione ship) who think we missed all the anvil sized arguments, aka "hints," between Ron and Hermione that reveal their, um, "sexual" tension, when in fact Harmonians very much acknowledge Heron's "I-hate-you-but-I-really-love-you, push-the-girl-on-the-playground-because-I-really-have-a-crush-on-you-Freudian-psycho-babble-theory thing they have going on, but simply prefer the "love is friendship on fire/love without friendship for it's base is like a mansion built upon the sand" Harry and Hermione could have had going on. Harmonians also respect Hermione enough to want her to be with someone that can actually challenge (intellectually and otherwise) her as a person (Harry), rather than simply challenge her patience (Ron).

Heron shipper: Harry and Hermione are too serious, Ron and Hermione have so much fun together. Ron can make her laugh.
Harmony shipper: You do realize H/Hr are fighting a war against Voldemort and are prepared for the fact that they may die? Yeah, I don't understand why they're so gloomy either... idiots. Oh, and Ron making her laugh... that happened somewhere between making her cry and abandoning her, right? If you're gonna take THAT angle, just get her with a Weasley twin, why don't cha? Idiots.

Heron shipper: Harry and Hermione have a purely platonic, brother/sister relationship.
Harmony shipper: A brother-sister relationship? I have never had Harry and Hermione's relationship with any of my siblings. But, believe it or not, I DO fight and bicker like a 5 year old with them pretty often... GASP! That must mean we are destined to be together! Seriously? And all of you platonic-pushers do realize that Hermione and Ron were platonic too at first, right? They didn't jump into the sack when they were 11. Idiots.

Heron shippers: Hermione is much more attracted to freakishly tall, immature, lazy, intellectually boring, ginger guys that make her cry over her regularly tall, raven-haired, kind, brave and self-sacrificing, emerald-green-eyed best friend!
Harmony shippers: Um. Really?

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What does "harmony" mean?

hottest most lovely girl anyone could ever ask for, best best best.

look at that fine ass honey shes almost as dope as harmony

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Harmony - what does it mean?

a completely beautiful girl. her eyes are beautiful and blue, and shes a chameleon who is always trying to blend with the people around her. she always breaks her own heart without meaning to. she comes off as crazy and outgoing, but behind it is a shy girl just waiting to be loved. she never gets treated right by be the first!!! she's the one you wished you had gone out with in high school.

Harmony is the girl you regret rejecting in high school.

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Harmony is just beautiful. She knows her worth. Dont ever question her loyalty. She will be there for people who treat her right. She gives the same energy she receives. She seems to be shy at first but once you get to her , her personality is everything. She isn’t very energetic, she only is when she feels like it . But you will always love harmony .

Person : I have the best friend ever ! We can talk about anything!
Other person : that must be Harmony

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funny,smart, beauitiful, strong and kind.

Harmony is beauitiful.

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Normaly a beautiful, musical and caring girl. She may seem shy to all that don't know her, but she is outgoing and down to earth to those she knows well. Once you become close friends with Harmony, she will open up to you and your relationship will last a life time.

Your relationship with Harmony will last a life time.

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Harmony: easy to fall in love with, Beautiful/hot, Class Bunker, Intelligent, Has one of the best personalities ever, caring, and is loved by everyone <3

I love harmony!
Harmony's one of the coolest people ever!

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She's so quiet when you first meet her, yet so different when you get to know her. It's hard not to fall in love with her the moment she opens up to you, and from then on it only gets better.
She's either the girl you regret not asking out in high school, or your childhood sweetheart.

I certainly don't regret asking Harmony out in high school, and I never will.

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Harmony, A very loving beutiful girl, you might think she’s shy but when u get to know her you will find out she is the most out going crazy, funny girl you can meet, she goes through the most shit but is strong and makes it through it all, she is the girl you wished you had a friendship with.

1 harmony, she is so awesome I’m never met anyone like her

2 you wish you had my bestfriend harmony

3 harmony has the best booty ever

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