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What is hankie?

a way to describe a boy is revered as a god by many of his freinds

"ah most gracious hanky, deign to spek to us today we beg you!!"

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Hankie - what is it?

peeing while having sex

girl and guy in bed...
girl pees
guy: whoA?! did you just hanky?

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What does "hankie" mean?

A lie, or an extreme exageration.

"That's a Hankie," or "You just pulled a Hankie," or "You're a Hankie," or just simply "Hankie!"

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Hankie - what does it mean?

a slang for the word "poo", and is offten used in the phrase " i have to go drop mad hanky"

"danny went to the bathroom to drop some mad hanky" answered shelly

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Hankie - meaning

disgustingly questionable in a lowlife sort of way. lacking personal hygeine, being relatively stupid, and possibly harboring criminal tendencies all at the same time.

walk the other way, that dude over there looks kinda hanky.

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Hankie - definition

proper noun: Mr. Hanky- beloved anthropomorphic turd who wears a little sailor cap and lives in the sewers of South Park, Colorado

" Hiiiiiddeeee Hoooooh!" Exclaimed Mr. Hanky as he waived at the boys and girls.

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Hankie - slang

having sex, banging or shagging someone

draw for the hanky, pussy get shanky!

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short form for handkerchief.

She won't stop sneezing! Give her a hanky.

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A word used to describe djungelskog.

Donald: Hey Amanda look at my djungelskog.

Amanda: Thats a hanky djungelskog. Where did you get it?

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A word that is used positively or negatively to describe a situation.

Positive use:

Person1: Dude this tent is so hanky!

Person2: I know right, thats what I thought.

Negative use:

Person1: That was so hanky of you man...

Person2: I know, that was pretty hanky. Sorry.

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