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What is hang down?

a vagina so overly reemed that the skin hangs down like a lynch mob victim.

michele has a nasty hang down that wont even retain a 3 liter cocke bottle any more.

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hang down - video

Hang down - what is it?

The act of dangling a turd from an asshole above a bowl of Weet-Bix™ whilst someone else attempts to eat the Weet-Bix™ as fast as they can before the turd plops into the bowl. If the turd plops into the bowl before the other can finish eating the Weet-Bix™, the person eating the Weet-Bix™ must also eat the shit.

"I played a game of 'Hanging Down Under' with old Gazza yesterday, but what he didn't know was that I had a bad case of diarrhea."

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What does "hang down" mean?

to have sex with a woman or go balls deep!

i think i'm going to get some stink on the hang down!

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Hang down - what does it mean?

to have the smell of, or vaginal secretions... upon your penis

Dude, Im goin to town and gittin me some stank on the old hang down!

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Hang down - meaning

Extremely puffy, fat, distended pussy lips the "hang-down" - best viewed from behind when the girl is standing in heels with her legs apart - also nicely fills up tight shorts, panties and often falls out the side of thongs and T-Bars...

So she is standing in front of me and I could not belive her hang-down ...

Man - she must have a lot of hang-down given the bulge in those panties ...

Oops! a little too much hang-down going on there - fell out the side of her thong bathing suit...

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Hang down - definition

A pair of tits

Hey Tom check out the hang downs on that one.

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Hang down - slang

Urban slang for one's penis

. . . and then she grabbed my hang down

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Hang down

A clever name for your Cock!

I got some Stanky on the hang down last night, it was dope...

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Hang down

a mans genitals

dude:dude why are you itching your junk so much?

dude 2: man i hit that scuz bucket and now i think i have somthin on the hang down.

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Hang down

The male sexual organ. Also known as a wiener or wiener meat.

I gots to get me some stanky for my hang down.

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