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What is hairy?

The term used to define the total mass of hairs on a body. Martyn Balfour is a good example of this phenonemon when all hair is overgrown and past the stage of "razor bladable" to cut. May result in loss of skin and extreeme head lice

Marytn Balfour is hairy

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Hairy - what is it?

A group of teenagers who can normally be spotted with the guys having long hair and adolescent beards, whereas the girls will often have medium length hair and could be seen as in boyish clothes. Often the ethos of the group is that, they are anti-fashion and trends.

Some may view them as pretentious as for example, many will listen to bands that no one has heard of, just for the sake that no one has heard of them.

They could also be considered modern day hippies.

the kids wearing jumpers in summer with the long hair, that's the Hairies.

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What does "hairy" mean?

Cool guys . cleanliness & kindness are very important to the ones who are named hairie and plus,they're good looking.He gives great advice and he never backstabs his friend honest and TROUBLEMAKER at times.

Man this guys is a hairie!! Troublemaker

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Hairy - what does it mean?

Hairi means kindness. Cleanliness & appearances are very important to the ones who are named Hairi and plus, they're good looking!

Your name must be Hairi because you are so kind!

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Hairy - meaning

hairy toys that make kids feel funny in a way that they just stop laughing when there hairy toy dies

DUDE that toy is sopooooooooooooooooooooooo hairy im dying in laughter thank you mr.drops

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Hairy - definition

strong white cider, sold in litre bottles.

'who mate you gannin' to the shop for a bottle of hairy'

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Hairy - slang

Undesirable young woman from Glasgow. Commonly (although not necessarily) from the schemes, usually fat and hacket with a perm. Can become worryingly attractive after the consumption of copious amounts of booze, with potentially alarming results.

Tam had a taste for adventure and knew the risks of landing a hairy in the sack during a night out in Paisley

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Synonym for scary, technical, or difficult.

Snowflake: That was a hairy section of single-track!
Jim: I had the lay on the breaks!

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1. frightening, scary

2. difficult and rough

It looks like things are going to get hairy from now on.

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A situation that gets ambiguous or gray.

Did you get that tree diagram in finite mathematics?
No that problem was hairy!

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