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What is hXc?

Extremely Hardcore. Having the quality of being hella tight. Very Cool. Amazing.

YO! That gangsta's threads are hXc!

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HXc - what is it?

hXc or also known as HardCore, is a form of music that usually has more screaming than normal. The screaming is usually deeper than regular. Also you usually hear the bass more than the regular guitars. The guitar notes are usually squealed sounding.

Norma Jean is so hardcore it hurts.

I'm a hardcore scenester.

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What does "hXc" mean?

Hardcore does not mean being scene or str8edge or posi or whatever u dumb fucks call it hardcore is chuggin a whole liter of vodka in ten minutes without a chaser and then going out to buy another one and chugging that

tab brooke and sam are hardcorde (hXc) to the BONE
we chugged a liter of vodka in 10 minutes and went to the store and got another

thats hardcore bitch

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HXc - what does it mean?

Hardcore, usually musically...

dude, otophobia's and awesome hXc band

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HXc - meaning

Abbreviation of hardcore, often related to or dealing with music from the hardcore genre. Also used to describe actions or styles.

"Have you heard of (band name)? They're so hXc"

"That was awsome the way you pwnd that n00b hXc."

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HXc - definition

hXc is just short for the word hardcore. hardcore is a music genre but also is an attitude and a way of life. Most people who like or are into hXc usually didn't fit in very well with the popular crowd or just didn't feel like they belong there so they found a place where they fit in and had a home and could relate with other people, this was hXc. There are many versions of hXc.

Michael was so hXc when he owned that n00b, but then again when isn't he.

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HXc - slang

to those straight-edge emo pricks it means hardcore. To me it means Straight-edge Hardcore.... the kind of hardcore that sucks. Hardcore was never meant to be straight-edge. Thanks for destroying Hardcore poser emo ass-holes

"look at me, i have black X's on my hands im so hardcore".

"shut up emo kid"

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Someone who lives in a dark world, has a huge mustache, and is extremely hardcore.

J: "I live in a dark world, with my mustache of steel,"

P: "Dont we all wish we could be as hXc as jordan?"

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Abbreviation of "Hardcore," more often than not referring to the music, scene, and people that are associated with it. In large part, pup-punk scenes and hardcore scenes coincide, but not without issues.
Generally, hXc bands at pop punk shows attract hXc kids, which hardly ever ends well, usually because of the lack of respect for the venue's rules by the hXc kids.
In large part, hXc kids are wannabe "tough guys" who pick fights in groups and carry weapons around at all times.
That's all modern-day hardcore has amounted to; gang mentality. It's not about the music or togetherness anymore. It's about picking fights and seeing who's toughest and who can be the biggest hardass.
Most hXc kids are quite generic and almost always have a look consisting of a shaved head/short hair, a band tee, and camo shorts.
Any hXc kid will deny these claims and probably say that anyone who makes them has no idea what they're talking about.

hXc kid: Check out this little emo fag. Go run home so you can sit in a dark corner and cry.

Scene/Emo/Some other vague generalization kid: Dude, you're generic as shit. You might as well be calling yourself a nazi, hardcore faggot.

hXc kid: This must be your first show, ebcause you clearly don't know what you're talking about, faggot. Shut your mouth before i bust out my knucks and break your teeth.

Scene/Emo/Some other vague generalization kid: Whatever, go smoke some more cigs even though you say you're sXe, douche.

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