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What is grudge?

A scary movie based in japan about some crazy japanese bitch that died and haunts people whoever steps in the house she died in.

That kid that sounded like a cat was FUCKED UP AND DUMB. THE GRUDGE WAS THE WORST MOVIE!

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grudge meme gif

grudge - video

Grudge - what is it?

A scary looking movie.

It looks like a mix of The Ring/Gothika and any ideas of horror movies that were found really scary.

The Grudge comes on soon.

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What does "grudge" mean?

A great song by Tool, that came out long before the movie. Track one of their latest cd Lateralus (released 2001).

Me: Did you hear track one off Lateralus, I love that song.
My Friend: Yea that song is The Grudge.

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Grudge - what does it mean?

A somewhat scary movie that makes you feel mind fucked. mind fuck

The plot in this movie makes no sense, I'd just shoot that crazy zombie bitch

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Grudge - meaning

The horror style is very much like the ring. It messes with your mind alot and makes you all jumpy. I say it's very scary and suspenseful.. but that's my opinion.

I lost two freakin' nights of sleep over the grudge

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Grudge - definition

A feeling of anger or resentment that you hold onto at a specific person for something they did that angered you in the past.
Normally, People have good reasons to hold a grudge, although sometimes they are irreasonable.

Reasonable Grudge: I hold a grudge on the guy that murdered my sister.

Irreasonable Grudge: I hold a grudge on her because she didn't call me back that one time.

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Grudge - slang

An ancient clan of people who are known for having no known attributes.

Q. What is (?) Grudgings like.

A. Who knows, he's a Grudgings..

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to grudge somone is to follow them endlessly, to always be behind their shoulder. To "grudge" is to be like the scary charaters in the movie "The Grudge" and is often used as a means of revenge or a way to get information out of sombody..... Works best if you have lang black hair and/or you have an aisian backround..

(person one)I can't belive Amz made as skrew up my line

(person two) yah ... lets go grudge her *sweeps hair over face*

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1. An annoying problem between you and another person.

2. You hold on to the problem because you have nothing better to do in life.

3. Something someone does in order to make peoples' lives harder.

4. Immature

"I can't stand that girl, I'm holding a grudge against her because of mistakes she's made in the past."

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a grudge is a bad feeling or hate you hold against another person for something bad they did, or you think they did, to you.

I've held a grudge before. It's stupid.

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