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What is granting?

a sexy beast with a really long dick. also includes amazing hair that turns me on

DAMN ur a grant!!!!!

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Granting - what is it?

He is the swettest most amazing guy, he has the funniest sense of humour that only i seem to understand, and he seems to create awkward turtle moments more often than not.
He is passionate yet caring, and he is understanding like no other.

Any girl would be lucky to have this awesome, caring, good looking, funny, smart and understanding pilot ;)

Grant is amazing! too bad he's mine. Hippopotamus.

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What does "granting" mean?

Grant is the guy everyone falls in love with. He's undeniably attractive and every girl wants him. But he's also a heart breaker. You'll fall into his trap and you'll most likely never get our. He's a great friend and will always be there for you. He's freaking hilarious and you can never stay mad at him because he always will make you laugh. He plays the piano and sings like an angel. He's the guy that you make up scenes in your head with. He's the guy that you dream about. Looking into those beautiful green eyes will captivate you. He try's to date other girls to get that one special girl out of his mind but it never works. He doesn't think he's good enough for her but everyone knows they are the perfect match. He's the guy that would choose a girl who makes him laugh over a Victoria's Secret Angel. Grant is perfect.

Girl 1: I think I'm in love with Grant. I know you dated him but..
Girl 2: Im still in love with him. Once you fall, your never getting back up..

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Granting - what does it mean?

An amazing guy. Friendly, funny, fantastic. He's a nerd but hot (and wow what a body! Love those abs and ass!). Gotta love him!

I think I've finally found a Grant!

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Granting - meaning

A boy who, will always be there for you no matter what. A boy who, will always know what to say, when he's speaking of course. Grant is a bit timid and shy around people he doesn't know, but once you get to know one of these special beings, you'll be up all night talking to them. You will get lost in their eyes and think about the dimples they have when you look at them. They are amazing, maybe they mess up once or twice about something, but you know they're a great friend and you will never lose them. A Grant is funny, and always knows how to cheat you up. Their guitar skills, and skateboarding skills will also put you in awe.

Girl 1: he only really talks when he's with you.
Girl 2: What can I say ? He is a grant.

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Granting - definition

An all-in-all great person. Usually smart and dorky, Grants are great friends. They are also good at sports.

Person 1: "Did you see that guy over there?"
Person 2: "Yeah, he doesn't look too bad."
Person 3: "That must be a Grant."

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Granting - slang

Grant is a guy that seems quiet, emotionless and rude and quiet but once you get to know him he’s quite the opposite. Under that shell he’s a loud, funny, goofy and really passionate about the people he cares about. He can be overprotective. He’s attractive both romantically and sexually. With his beautiful blue eyes , great bod and amazing hair.

Once you become friends with him you will never want to let him go.

Grants an awesome dude

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One of the greatest guys you will ever meet. He has beautiful blue eyes that will make you fall in love as soon as you look into them. He is such a caring person with the biggest heart you will ever know. Grants are so adorable and can always make you laugh no matter how sad you feel. If you ever get the chance to love one you better hold on to him because your life will never be the same without him. You better marry that boy because you wont find anyone else that will treat you better than he will. He will make sure you feel like a princess every single day and doesn't care what anyone thinks about him because everything he's doing is to make sure his girl is happy, cause when she's happy he's is happy. That's why he is the greatest person you will meet.

Everyone wants a Grant!

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Grant is the kind of guy that seems shy and quiet, but when you get to know him, he's loud and outgoing. He's funny and charming. Grant is a great friend, he's supportive, funny, crazy, sweet and awesome.

"Do you know Grant?"
"Grant? Oh that guy, he's really quiet."
"You're joking!"
"Um.. No I'm not."
"He is the loudest person I know."

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when a person (the granter) is super quick with another and is extremely perturbed by someone asking them a simple question. they (the granter) usually interupts the first person before they even get their question out. then they (the granter) immediately try and degrade the first person.

Example #1:

A Dad asking his son a question because the Dad is interested in what his son did at school today-

Dad (intended question): Hi Grant How was your school day?
Dad (actual attemped question): Hi Grant How was .....?

TheGranter (with "granting" behavior): No Dad! Stop asking me questions! I'm, tired, sick, hungary, hate you, you're stupid and you're bothering me, you alway do this so leave me alone, etc.

Example #2:

A Dad asking his son about why he didn't eat his breakfast because the Dad is concered about his son's health and welfare-

Dad (intended question): Grant, you didn't finish the nice breakfast I made for you. What's wrong?

Dad (actual attemped question): Grant, you...

TheGranter (with "granting" behavior): Stop it Dad! I hate this food. It makes me sick. I've never liked it. You just do this to make me upset. I hate you.

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