Definder - what does the word mean?

What is got that?

Short for 'Game of Thrones', an HBO show based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

Holy shit, can you believe what happened on last night's GoT?

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Got that - what is it?

The act of buying or otherwise collecting stuff.

Hey Wendy, the credit card bill indicates some great gotting last month.

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Video meme

What does "got that" mean?

to hook-up with or make out with another individual

-Dude sam totally got with that chick this weekend

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Got that - what does it mean?

When a league of legends player kills an enemy champion using Gangplank
MagikarpUsedFly Reference

03:01MagikarpUsedFly(Gangplank) has slain ggeznoob(Yasuo) for a penta kill
03:02MagikarpUsedFly(Gangplank): Gotted

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Got that - meaning

Used instead of "getting wrecked" for comic purposes (refer to MagikarpUsedFly) during a League of Legends game.

"Did you see that play? He absolutely got gotted!"

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Got that - definition

To be taken advantage of, swindled, finessed, or styled on.

Ex 1
person 1:"wow how much did you pay for this shitty ass oregano weed?"

person 2:"$50 for a gram"

person1: "wow you got gotted"

Ex 2

*lands MLG 360 no scope in comp*


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Got that - slang

basically, getting caught

Yo, That guy who sells crack got got by the POPO

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Got that

were taken advantage of; were fleeced; were mugged

Dem niggaz got got at the swap meet!

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Got that

when someone cant talk right or process information quick enough, when talking. said in a sarcastic tone.

also from tommy boy.

when trying to recite a punch line to a joke,

what do you get when you cross a snowman and a shark?

Frostbit {but its actually frostbite}

hmmm.. got that?

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Got that

another meaning for understood.

u: how many cans should i buy yo?
ur mom: 5, ok?
u: got that.

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