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What is godlike?

Normally heard as a Mega-Kill Announcer status in Unreal Tournament 2004, Defence of The Ancients and Defence of The Ancients 2. It generally means that a certain player has got more than 9 kills in a row and is making an impressive kill-streak.

The announcement will normally come with the announcer saying "Holy Shit!" in slow motion, and a message on the screen along the lines of " is BEYOND GODLIKE! Someone KILL HIM!!"

This message usually indicates that the indicated player is almost impossible to kill one-on-one and needs to be killed by a team effort, or gang-killing (ganking). Needless to say, it has a demoralising effect on his/her opponents and the reward for killing/fragging such a player is also significantly high.

Kill Announcer: "Holy Shit!" PlayerName (Drow Ranger) is BEYOND GODLIKE! Someone KILL HIM!!
Player on opposing team: Fffffffffuuuuuuuu.............
Another Player on opposing team: This one is GG (Game Gone)
PlayerName: Trolololololol.....

(That's just a sample of a typical reaction to that kind of scenario)

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Godlike - what is it?

LAN Champ

Let me borrow a dollar

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Video meme

What does "godlike" mean?

Being in a state of Ownzorizing for a long period of time. Also known as BEING NADDY!

Naddy is getting so many kills he should be called GODLIKE

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Godlike - what does it mean?

Eric harris and dylan klebold in a nutshell!

Are u Eric Harris?
of c imma godlike

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Godlike - meaning

A state of being for an object or person when being overwhelmingly awesome for the viewer.

"Oh, man I just baught the new kickass8000 and it solved all my needs and did the dishes. It is truely Godlike. You have to get one for yourself!"

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Godlike - definition

A champion whose level of skill at an activity is so much above that of the common mortal, that mortals aren't really any competition for him. They might as well be facing god, because they're never going to win a single bout.

The term started being popularized by the game Unreal Tournament where the voice of the announcer shouts: GODLIKE! For all to listen, when a player kills 25 enemy players in a row, without dying. This feature was later added to other popular games, DotA-like games being of the most prominent.

Interesting Fact: In DotA you only have to kill 10 players in a row to get Godlike'd. If you kill more than 10 in a row, the DotA announcer says: HOLY SHIT! and adds a subtitle: 'Player is beyond Godlike. PLEASE, somebody kill him!'.

/* A player just killed the entire enemy team while all his teammates were down */
Mortal #1: Did we all just lose against this one guy?
Mortal #1: WTF just happened?
Mortal #2: Hello there,... are you god?
/* Unreal tournament voice: GODLIKE! */

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Godlike - slang

na he doesn't hack... well ok maybe a little... actually quite true he hacks like a cunt...

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a complete dence twat but has a nifty aim due to him rarely leaving his seat
how this kid can survive in the real world bemuses me


Godlike : what is going on?

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really good

when something is heaps good you say wow zelly thats godlike!

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A supreme player

Someone with amazing skills gifted by god - hence the term 'godlike'. He plays for the best UK-clan-to-be known as TNG!.

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