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What is god damnit?

what i say to ppl that suck sooooooo much!!! GOD DAMNIT" you think when you see them...


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God damnit - what is it?

God fucking damnit Dave is used when referring to TikTok whether it be ironically or on ironically. This term is usually used when your angry for no reason.


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What does "god damnit" mean?

hilltop/hillside slang.

used when taking things
to the extreme or

"shorty got them muhfuckin god damnit melissas on"

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God damnit - what does it mean?

A grouping of words to symbolize someone getting up in the morning and realizing that they just missed class.

Ex: Person 1: Oh man what time is it?
Person 2: it's 10:31.
Person 1: Ah God Damnit the Shit! I'm 2 hours late for 2-D class!

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God damnit - meaning

When someone refuses to learn the correct way to do things. Continuing to drive the train into the fucking ground. Worst type of co-worker.

God damnit Phillip.

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God damnit - definition

What Minnesotan's say when they are very upset.

God Damnit anyway Kayleigh, you can't leave your gum on the damn sidewalk.

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God damnit - slang

The politically correct term to describe the feeling of life grabbing you by the balls.

Life sucks!

God damnit! My teacher is a dick!
God damnit! I hate my fucking job!
God damnit! I have lost faith in the human race!
God damnit! Why didn't my mom have an abortion?

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God damnit

The phrase "God Damnit", which when expressed in a grammatically correct fashion would read "God Damn It," is a vulgarity used to express frustration. It's literal definition is "May the Christian God Damn it to Hell". In slang, it is a phrase used in a generally non-religious context. For example, if one cannot get an electronic device to work properly, one might exclaim "God Damnit!", meaning that you are so upset with the device you wish that God would condemn it to eternal damnation.

It is rarely used literally, and is considered a lesser of vulgarities, though to the extremely religious it is considered highly offensive. In the Christian faith it is considered a violation of one of the ten commandments.

"I can't get this VCR to work! God Damnit!"

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