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What is go with me?

a phrase used to entice another person in order to fight them, usually is used as a joke and not an intensional fighting line.

Bob: hey how are you?
Jim: you dont even smoke!
Bob: GO ME!

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Go with me - what is it?

Said as self-congratulation, either to oneself or to draw others' attention to an accomplishment. Is usually harmless or joking, but can be obnoxious if done too much.

"I answered every question right. Go me!"
"I knew this would be the quickest way to get there -- go me!"

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What does "go with me" mean?

An offer from one to another -- usually to a tight bud
a larger quantity of blah blah so as to reap the benefit
of volume pricing; saving much money or re-uppin' bigger.

LEO: "I been broke as a joke, man, after rent and all.
And, gas a-leanin' on me!
STAN: "I feeyabro. Why'on't you GO IN WITH ME on a QP
and sum 40z and we'll forget this shit for tonight.
LEO: "Thrizzle in a coupla hoes ...
and I'm dizzle widat, maNizzle."

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Go with me - what does it mean?

Used by us males as an effective counter to those whining cumdumpsters complaining about every single shit that happens to them by asking them to make us a sandwich. There is currently no known counter to this godly phrase as those pea-brained pastry chefs can't think of any and have no choice but to obey.

Whining whore: But it's your turn to make me a sandwich tod-

Man: Shut up and go make me a sandwich bitch!

Whining whore: Yes master!

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Go with me - meaning

A phrase commonly said to a bitch by her master when he (or she) is hungry.

Master: yo ho, go making me a motherfucking sandwich!

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Go with me - definition

A saying used when one person completely dominates another person in a game, contest, sport, etc. Implies that the winner has complete possession of the broken competitor, thus placing the loser in a condition of servitude in the form of the construction and delivery of a sandwich.

We're not playing again-I just beat you 50 times in a row! I think it's time for you to go make me a sandwich.

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Go with me - slang

Another, more polite way of saying "screw off" or "bitch plz"

Girl1: You're being such a bitch right now

Girl2: Oh, Go Fly ME...

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Go with me

Bogus use of Go Fund me to line your pockets instead of doing what your Go Fund Me effort claims to be about.

Dude, did you see our buddy Steve got busted? He pretended to use Go Fund Me to build that thing down there for the crazy orange man, but he just took the money and partied. It was a Go Fuck Me or Go Fun Me thing rather than Go Fund Me. He’s like Honey Badger. He don’t care. He don’t even wash or shave.

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Go with me

Glorified Panhandling

Me: "I don't have the money."

Friend: "Man just start a "Go Fund Me" account.

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Go with me

another word for french kiss.

I was at Djais in Belmar in the back corner bar. I asked this girl why do you hate me? She said I don't hate you. So I said " then why don't you just Go with me?"

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