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What is go in?

On go is like another way of saying you're down to do something

Kai: let's rob them

Dre: fuck it lets do it

Kai: damn boy I was just playin you always on go

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Go in - what is it?

sick song by lupe fiasco

can be used in many different situations

at the train station eg:

'do you have your ticket, sir?'
'nope...but i got my go go go go go go go go go go gadget flow'

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What does "go in" mean?

Term for "gonna go"

Only used by about two people in Hawaii.
Same as "going to go"

"I'm going go sleep now."
"Are you going go to that party?"

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Go in - what does it mean?

GO GO Is the Muzic that comes from my HOMETOWN OF D.C.
Me And my NIggas Listen to that Shit. Uless Ur from D.C, Dont Talk About Shit U dont KNow About. Trust me this is gonna BLOW UP.

Go Go Bands of D.C.Tcb,Ucb,Backyard,Reaction,Ccb,Tob.

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Go in - meaning

Go-Go is a type of music that originated in Washington DC, consisting of strong drum beats and loose feel instrumentals with often sampled vocals it has so roots in reggae

Junkyard band, Northeast Groovers, Rare Essence

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Go in - definition

Counterstrike term to: "Go! Go! Go!"

"Go! Go! Go!" is a recorded message that is activated through the use of key commands.

Player 1: Come on they planted the bomb!

Player 2: God dammit this loser is blocking the path!

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Player 1: STFU

Player 2: n00b

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Sound "Go! Go! Go!" is repeated rapidly by Player 3 n00b until he is booted by the admin or they all are fucking naded becuase they are too close together.

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Go in - slang

music started in washington dc.
examples: backyard band, ucb, north east groovers, raw image.

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Go in

(v) In skydiving, to fail to open the parachute, to fall to one's death.

Oh, my God, Joe's going in!

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Go in

to dis, clown, roast, or have a lot of jokes on someone

Next time you wear some sh*t like that, I gotta go in on you!

Jerome went in DEEP on Quincy at the lunch tables, had everyone dyin' but had him cryin' after baggin' on his dead pops.

Martin Lawrence used to go in on the audience on Def Comedy Jam

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Go in

Primarily used in freestyling--the audience or fellow rappers tell the MC to go in...on the beat or into the cipher.

Also used in other appropriate settings where participation or action is necessary.

(instrumental playing)
"John--kill this beat! go in!"


Jared: "That girl looks so fine over there. I want to talk to her."
Andy: Well, go in!

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