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What is go for all?

to ass-rape someone while telling them to squeal like a pig
Deliverence is a movie where some people go canoeing down a river and the fat one gets raped by a redneck

dude you'd better fuckin watch it or else I'll go all deliverence on yo

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Go for all - what is it?

Describes the state of mine when someone isn't thinking about the consequences but rather just acting out.
They're going all jolli and it ends up with a very bad outcome.

Did you hear about the the car thief? He was going all jolli and ran over 10 people before crashing.

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What does "go for all" mean?

To be in a constant state of readiness to stealth record audio, video or film anything for the purpose of self defense. We don't distinguish between paranoia and genuine threat.

Amelia Went All Nixon with her Galaxy last time she witnessed the bullying at school.
Good thing bystanders Went All Nixon at the Baltimore riots.
Your best defense against police brutality is a friend who's ready to Go All Nixon for you with their cell.
Ever since my Store Team Leader put me on suspension for having too many insulin reactions I've Gone All Nixon withe this iPhone.

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Go for all - what does it mean?

To have any kind of sex with, or orgasm.

And the reason my wife is pregnant, is because I went all the way with her! Go all the way!!!!!

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Go for all - meaning

have sex or orgasm

My girlfriend has the hottest ass! I'm trying to get her to go all the way with me.

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Go for all - definition

having sex, or for you shitheads who only know slang, fucking her all the way to china town.

Dude, I went all the way with your mom last night...

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Go for all - slang

1. to anally rape someone.
2. extreme physical or sexual harassment or assault of any kind, such as in the movie Deliverance.

Deliverence is a movie where some people canoeing down a river are terrorized by the local, inbred, hillbilly population. One of the characters does, in fact, get anally raped, another is orally raped.

You'd better back off or he'll go all deliverance on you.

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Go for all

Behave in a stereotypically African-American manner, either in dress, languance, or ass whuppin'.

If you don't shut up, I'ma go all ghetto on yo' triflin' cracka ass.

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Go for all

The act of going all crazy, losing all sense of self and acting like a complete fool in an attempt to show off. The impact is usually quite the opposite.

“Look at Joe over there, he just hit on a girl and it didn't go very well so now hes going all robezz"

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Go for all

Also, 'going for all' or 'GFA'.

To use, have or obtain more than is necessary of something to expose yourself to the greatest possibility of success.

Ordering 3 meals and eating the tastiest one is GFA. Hiring 5 recruitment companies to find you a job is GFA. Speed-dating is GFA.

Wearing 3 condoms is not GFA. It's just silly.

Person 1: "Did you hear that Barry got us on the door list for 15 nightclubs this Saturday?"
Person 2: "Yeh, he loves to go for all!"

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