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What is getting keyed?

The campest man in K-POP (after Jokwon) but also one the sexiest and most amazing.
Best guy at dancing girl group dances.

Key - "You look b-ee-zar"
Amber - "What?"
Key - "Leez-ard"

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Getting keyed - what is it?

when ones vehicle or other expensive possession becomes defaced by someone scraping off the paint with their own set of keys

Dammit.. someone keyed my car last night! Little freshman fuckers!

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What does "getting keyed" mean?

see "Diva".

You're such a Key.

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Getting keyed - what does it mean?

High on marijuana.

Sorry I'm so distracted, I'm hella keyed right now.

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Getting keyed

Keying occurs when someone uses a key to scratch a car, usually as a form of vandalism or revenge.

Trent: After I dumped her my ex-girlfriend gave my car a good keying.

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Getting keyed

Kilogram, usually refering to narcotics.

I almost got busted with 2 keys in my trunk.

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Getting keyed

KEY KEY also had a hard time finding the shitbox.

Key Key would not know what to do in time squawre. Rearrrah

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Getting keyed

the cat from cky. key key was fed various foods that arent good for cats...and one time he went on the woods for his forst time and went to tiems square and was lonely. then he came home to chris raab. later key key died

"come on key key lil hunk meat"
"key key went ot tiems square"

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Getting keyed

Super sporty girl who is always mistaken for a Tom-Boy when she is actually kind of girly on the inside.

Girl: Wow! Kei Kei is so fast at running!
Boy: That's because she is a Kei-Kei

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Getting keyed

Getting hella baked or getting hella fucking drunk

if ur budy says im getting keyed it means Smoking alott of weed or drinking a shit lode of beer and vodak

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