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What is get to work?

What one yells out loud to ones self and to others in their car in the morning hours between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. when going to play golf on a weekday morning with friends while everyone else on the road is trying to get to work, worried about being late to their job in the heavy stand still traffic in the greater Los Angeles area, because of the greater than average number of people who moves to Los Angeles because the weather is so great and can't afford to take a day off due to high real estate prices. You and your friends on the other hand could care less about the traffic because you are on your way to play golf and want everyone else to burn in it by exclaiming this.

"Hey So in SO I just got a new $500.00 driver and a new set of irons, and Oh check out that poor bastard cursing the traffic on the 405 south who probably has another 30 miles to drive before he gets to his job," Oh well, "Welcome to LA now get the fuck to work!" HA ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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Get to work - what is it?

gettin ready to get dirty

i be getting ready for work puttin on my rubber glove

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What does "get to work" mean?

Has a variety of meaninings and can be applied in many ways-
It basically means when players are getting work done on hunnies and creepin single/young game and friends of friends (competition is always healthy)

1. Lc- Zj phantom you been getting work done over the weekend
ZJ= I been creepin 24/7 365 with my iph4- girls pumped for the phantom

2. Sj- Lc get to work on that trim down at the f/shore

Lc- damn son, that work is easy money for me

3. Zj= I heard this Dc cat is getting work done on some yg trim

Dc- yeah, i been to prison- ai girl this my boy sj fresh out the joint

4. Lc- Sj getting work done all holidays, man this cat can creep
Sj- mo money, mo probelms for these hunnies- hot hand cell in one hand- 5 fingers to the face the other;)

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Get to work - what does it mean?

It's what you say when you're traveling for business, typically at a trade show or event, and you want to go back to your hotel room to use the crapper.

Listen guys, I'll be back in a bit. I gotta go get some work done.

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Get to work - meaning

For a guy to start grinding with a girl, and unable to handle her grinding, dipping, twerking, yiking on you.

Guy 1: Yo dude! Did you see Jake at the dance?
Guy 2: What happened bro?
Guy 1: He was getting worked by Laquanda!

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Get to work - definition

A term used to tell someone to come get some. Usually in sports

Bunmi: Hey Joe, come get this work in ping pong.

Joe: See you in 5 mins

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Get to work - slang

the work refers to a males dick so to be given the work one must be given dick

damn she thick, she would get the work hard

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Get to work

To take a situation to the level where it becomes physical, to resolve a matter by fighting or use one's physical strength to resolve the matter

If he continues to try me he's gonna get this work!

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Get to work

When a guy tells a girl to get on her knees and give him a bj.

Guy:"get to work"
Girl: gets on knees

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Get to work

the phrase my friend just said to me


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