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What is get on with?

Verb: To engage in sexual activity with a certain (hopefully mad sexy) individual

"Everyone wanted so badly to get on Suzanne because she was so damn fine."

"Damn that boy has a nice ass, I'm going to get on him tonight"

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Get on with - what is it?

When you make an extraordinary or non-sensible joke, one that really burns its listener, and said listener is unable to even formulate a response to rebut the initial joke, the joke-teller then yells "Get One!"

Bec: You're colder than London...the Windy City.
Joey: ....
Bec: Get One!!!!

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What does "get on with" mean?

To engage in sexual acts with

Craig said that after we left he got with that Rutgers chick, but knowing him he was probably too drunk to get it up so they just cuddled

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Get on with - what does it mean?

To get with someone
British slang used to describe two people kissing etc.

Woahh Beth totally got with that hot boy last night!

I am kinda thinking of getting with Sarah on Wednesday :/

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Get on with

The act of intimately engaging with someone who isn't your partner.

Guy: Hey Larry, did you get with Sheena last saturday?
Guy: Yes

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Get on with

to kiss wit sum tounge!

last night bob got with tina in the back room

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Get on with

to kiss or take part in touching, referring to two people who are not dating or have just started dating

Nikki will get with Brendt at the skatium and then two days later he will ask her out.

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Get on with

What most people say when they are pissed off and have to do something that is stupid or not worth their time.

Can be closely related to I don't give a fuck and bullshit

Example A:
Teacher: Clear your desks it is time for a pop quiz
Student: Let's get on with this bullshit

Example B:
Student: My project is about...(Spends 20 mins explaining what it is about not actually project)

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Get on with

To get on with it, v.
To perceive a problem as if it's not a problem at all, live with it. Usually said to people who complain on stuff or get into trouble, in order to ask them to ignore and accept the problem instead of solving it. Often people who say so have either no solutions for a problem, or just ignore or hate the one they tell it to.

- My cat loves veggies so much!

- Cats need meat, get on with that!!!

- I got rejected from a school circle since I am too old...

- You have nothing but to get on with it.

I force my daughter to read lots of classical literature only, if she will ask something other in a library I'll return it silently back immediately, and will do it very much, so she would have nothing but to get on with it.

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Get on with

To continue or resume doing something.

Let's get on with the meeting.

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