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What is funky town?

1. different but cool/nice
2. a bad smell

1. those are sum funky socks
2. those are sum funky socks

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Funky town - what is it?

Funky-town is Fort Worth, TX bitch!

lets go to the library in funky-Town.

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What does "funky town" mean?

pussy town's biggest rival all the wannabe pimps and hippies hang here

i'm going down to funky town

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Funky town - what does it mean?

a polite and funky way of saying “we’re gonna fuq

hey you wanna go to funky town?”

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Funky town

another word for " sex "

Lam and Red did the funky town last night and it was pretty damn good.

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Funky town

A Place, Attitude, Vibe that promotes good will hunting

The Morning Reveler will Craveineverything Funky Town holds true!

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Funky town

1. a 1980 number one hit for the R&B/funk/post-discogroup Lipps,Inc. (pronounced "lip synch" - yes, that's how U say it). They were basically a one hit wonder.

2. a Top 10 hit in 1987 for the Australian New Wave group Pseudo Echo. It has a harder-edged sound than the original seven years before. A genuine butt kicker. Pseudo Echo also scored a hit with their own "Living in a Dream" earlier in 1987.

3. because of their playing the Pseudo Echo hit, San Francisco radio stations gave the nickname "Funky Town" to their city itself.

1. ... won't you take me to
Funky Town!

2. "Funky Town" was riding high on the charts in the summer of 1987.

Carl: Let's go to Funky Town and see the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown! Then we can eat some Peking duck at the Golden Dragon restaurant.

Phil: Alright!

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Funky town

‘funky town’ is a code word that sam and dean use for ‘there’s a gun to my head come help me’ so that the person with the gun can’t catch on

*sam ties up forced to call sam*

dean: ‘hello’
sam: ‘hey uh dean this is one funky town huh?
dean: OH uh yeah ha it is

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Funky town

Funky town is the home of the players and pimps! where the funk dont stop! Funky town texas!

G Money $$ has hoes all over Funky Town!

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Funky town

The slang name for the city of Fort Worth Texas

Im gonna go smoke a fat blizunt in Funky Town cuzz

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