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What is functional?

Something that is both functional and fashionable. Used frequently by fashion models in Europe when describing an item used to accessorize their outfit that can be used day to day.

Wow that purse is very functionable

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Functional - what is it?

Function. A non-word that is used by everyone who has ever done any thing with software.

This functionality will help you overcome the opportunity presented by your synergistic paradigm.

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What does "functional" mean?

If you're from San Diego, you know what a function is.

For you outsides, a function is a kickback, party, where people be swanging, getting faded and fucked up. An infamous place for fights and drama.

Person 1: You going to the function tomorrow?
Person 2: Nawh, my girl don't like it when I go to functions, she don't trust me.

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Functional - what does it mean?

It is used like a synonym of "When you are doing ___"

Me: Yo Chad, This chick sent me booty pics in the shower and i told her to send me some more often whenever she was In the Function.
Chad: Rad bro!

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Functional - meaning

Officially the douchebaggiest word possible for feature, capability, change, etc.

Used constantly in software development.

Person 1: We think the new functionality will really improve the user experience.
Person 2: *Bitch Slap* You mean you think they'll like the new changes?

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Functional - definition

a party, or a kick back.

that function last night was crazy!

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Functional - slang

Used in computer/web programming to mean taking a block of code and converting it into a function that can be inherited (or included once) and called by various other programs sometimes over and over again. This cleans up your code and allows the function to be modified and all code inheriting that function gets the modification.

Bob can you functionize this print popup window that you use 40 times in your code so that you don't write the same 10 lines of code over 40 times?

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a party up in da hood

Me and da niggas goin to a function over on Northgate.

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Coined in the Bay Area in California, a "function" is another word for a party

Did you see him at the function last night? The boy was giggin'.

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adj. Physical and mental state during or after a period of heavy drinking when one is able to, just barely, function on a minimalist level.


Huge party last night girl! I did not think you would be in to work today. Say, why is your underwear overtop of your coat? And are those cereal boxes on your feet? You sure you are functional?

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