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What is fucking hey?

A funny, yet nicer way to say fuck you or to offend your friends.

Me-"Hey ben do you wanna go 2 nickel world?"
Me-"Well then suck on my shitlog in the toilet... AND ITS BLUE!"

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Fucking hey - what is it?

Just for you

Hello there asshole...
Hey, fuck you :)

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What does "fucking hey" mean?

a quick and easy exit to a losing argument. this comeback is the last resort and used only out of desperation when there is absolutely no way one can win the battle, therefore the retort "hey fuck you!" not only insults the opposition, but it closes the argument and seals the win

Jim: you dumb piece of shit, are you really that fuckin' stupid or what? Kyle: hey fuck you!

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Fucking hey - what does it mean?

What mean guys say when they're about to jock.

Oh fucking heyyy dude, ready to drop a duce on these retards?

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Fucking hey - meaning

it can mean anything good or bad it doesnt matter, its the beuty of it.

as i stated earlier it can be anything for example
man 1:you took the last chip
man2:fuckin' hey


man 1:you just won the lottery
man2:fuckin hey

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