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What is freaky?

singular form of "Freakies", a much-loved and lost breakfast cereal from the 1970's

"We are the freakies, we are the freakies, this is our freaky tree. We never miss a meal, 'cos we eat our cereal."

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Freaky - what is it?

A person that will suck your dick or eat your pussy, will have sex all the time, finger you everywhere, touch your dick all the time, and will blow you so good

Amanda you're freaky, now go suck my dick

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What does "freaky" mean?

Something many teenage guys seem to think they are- known to them as someone who is a hoe or a slut but only for them. When a teenage male refers to himself as freaky, he just means hes dtf and wants to get laid.

Mike: I mean some girls think this is too freaky but... head for head?
Lea: That's literally not freaky at all but go off

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Freaky - what does it mean?

Adjective form of the noun freak see freak. Kinky, wild in bed, sexually promiscuous, etc.

Me an Quanita was gettin freaky up in heayuh!

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Freaky - meaning

A very nasty word used to express love

Lets go get in the bed and get freaky

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Freaky - definition

send you nudes everyday day for fun, togue kiss you, bite your neck, give you hickeys and is very sexual

Amy was very freaky with me yesterday.

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Freaky - slang

freak, willing to do anything sexual, the ass, 3 somes, toe sucking, body chocolate lickin, the works

dang that girl is freaky she just let him juice her lemon, {juicing a lemon

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a person who is always horny and has a wild sexual imagination, in some cases these things are made a reality and used to give extreme sexual pleasure.

my hubby says I'm freaky because when I have sex I want to sit in front of a mirror and watch him, watch me ride his dick.
"I want you to tie me up on the ceiling and tease me. Make me beg you to cum, call me your little slut and bite my nipples while you rub my clit and fuck the shit out of me" I whisper to my boyfriend in a restaurant in front of my parents.

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being sexually open, acting sexually

my man says your not a freak so we're gonna prove my man wrong (twista, kanye west "slow jamz")

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like, whoa man, totally far-out. damn too far. like really and totally wierd in a cool way.

damn look at that freaky dude on the hanglider!

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