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What is freaking?

Another word for fu*k

You freaking idiot

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Freaking - what is it?

the action of rolling your Black 'n Mild cigar to remove the interior layer of filter paper, which ironically contains many carcinogens.

Also, dancing to stimulate sex.

Yo Jack, is that mild freaked already?

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What does "freaking" mean?

A word used by cowards who are too scared to say "fucking"

dude #1: "that music freaking sucks"
dude #2: "freaking? come on you wimp. say FUCKING"

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Freaking - what does it mean?

doin the nastyyy.. gettin dirty on the dance floor.

Dos bitches were freakin on the dance floor.

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- Kind of dance when a guy stimulates his sex organs by rubbing against a girls ass, usually done to rap or hip-hop music
- usued when people are afraid to say 'fucking'

-alot of people think freaking is slutty but I think it feels good
-Ur a freaking dumbass just fucking say fuck.

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dancing which simulates sex

Freaking isn't allowed at some dances anymore because it offends the chaperones.

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To "dance" in gyrating motions, usually the male rubs his happy place on the female's rump. Usually a rap song is played in the background to supply a beat, but techno songs may also be used in special occasions.

the slutty girl was "freaking" with the fat kid at the dance

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Multiple definitions:
1) originally: having a bad hallucinatory experience;
has devolved to mean: temporarily unsure of one's self.
2) substitute term expletive, often used when Mum is about.
3) adjective meaning exceptional
4) homonym: phreaking: hacking or hi-tech mischief-making
Multiple spellings:
freaking, freakin', phreaking

"I'm freaking out!.
That freakin' phreak just freaked!
Too freakin' much!"

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Obscene dancing which simulates sex by the grinding the of the genetailia with suggestive sounds/movements. often done to pop or hip hop or rap music

For some reason, freaking is allowed at the middle school dances but not the high school ones. Probably because the middle schoolers can't freak.

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damned, lousy, (a euphemism for fucking, see also frigging)

Get your freaking feet off of the table.

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