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What is forsaken?

dead motherfuckin' sexy

I'd love to have one night with that god forsaken Kaj.

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Forsaken - what is it?

A very famous and friendly runescape clan. You need a combat level of 70+ or 80+ ranged or magic level. To join us you can log into runescape and go to clan chat "Fl clan chat" where our staff will redirect you to our forums where you have to fill in an application form.

Player A: Hey , I joined the Forsaken Legends!

Player B: Omg you got accepted ? Awesome! I wish I was part of their great community!

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What does "forsaken" mean?

-WARNING: Read at your own risk. SPOILER ALERT!!-

The Forsaken Fortress is an area in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. After you leave from Outset Island with Tetra and her pirate crew, they launch you off to the Fortress. As you're crashing in, you lose your sword. So you're searching throughout the entire fortress, dismantling the light bokoblins and climbing slowly upward. The Forsaken Fortress is also where Link's kidnapped younger sister, Aryll, is being held. As you reach the top, you find your sword. You enter a door and *gasp*! There's Aryll. But before you can save her a giant bird grabs you and takes you to Ganondorf, who throws you back to sea where you later meet the King of Red Lions.

Later in the game, you're back at the Forsaken Fortress, and you're well prepared. You can fight off the bokoblins with your own Master Sword now, and you actually get to save Aryll. Well, the pirates do. They work on taking her back to Outset. As for you, you defeat the giant bird and meet with Ganondorf. He talks a bit and then Link tries to fight him off with the Master Sword that he acquired before returning to the Fortress. But the power to repel evil has faded away from the sword, and you get shocked by Ganondorf. Tetra comes to assist you. But Ganondorf accuses her of being Zelda. Tetra tells you to pull yourself together, being that you got shocked and all, and then she gets snatched by Ganondorf! You're still trying to pull yourself together when Quill and Prince Komali grab you and Tetra and take you both to the King of Red Lions.

Gosh darn it, I really hate the Forsaken Fortress. It's such a maze, even though it's so small.

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Forsaken - what does it mean?

Belg! \o/

Op Zen Doos!

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Forsaken - meaning

The best Divinity Destroyed song ever.

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Forsaken - definition

A scrub that sucks at CS

I own Forsaken all day.

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Forsaken - slang

The best of the best in UC..

Forsaken PWNS..

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A total idiot who came up with the least convincing way to cheat in a cs go esports championship

person 1: Forsaken is a man of his WORD
person 2: yessir

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To forsake is to "renounce" or turn away from entirely. Like desert and abandon, forsake conveys the notion that there is no intention of returning.

Think of the dying Jesus on the cross as he cries out in anguish, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

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Forgotten,left behind, and not cared for

Wil is foresaken.

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