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What is formal?

A young adult, specifically a college student in a Greek organization, who attempts to get invited to as many fraternity or sorority formals (prom-like social gatherings - usually hosted at a third party venue where the organization gets really dressed up and then shitfaced with their dates) as possible. The motive for such behavior usually is due to the desire for hot facebook pictures, free alcohol, a chance to get dressed up in overpriced formal attire, a shot at getting ass, to impressive one's friends, to rebound off an x, or any other insecurity one can think of.

(Not to be confused with prom whore - one who goes to way too many proms)

Jackie is now single and because of this she has become a formal whore.

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Formal - what is it?

1. A method of doing or treating something that relies on an established, uncontroversial model or approach

2. The composition and structure of a compound.

3. A prescription of ingredients in fixed proportion; a recipe.

4. A mathematical statement, especially an equation, of a fact, rule, principle, or other logical relation.

The exact formaler needs to be used in order to get the proper mixture.

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What does "formal" mean?

Pretending to be interested in a girl when truthfully you just want sex.

Scott: What are we doing?

Jane: Watching a movie.

Scott: But why...

Jane: I don't know.

Scott: Let's skip the formalities. C'mon to my room.

Jane: Okay.

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Formal - what does it mean?

The formal (also called a Prom in america) is an event generally held in yr 10 and yr 12. The girls spend many months trying to find the perfect outfit, and once they have, make sure the guy shave the perfect outfit to match. The boys usually get corsages for the girl either to wear on her wrist or on her dress.There is a stereotype in public schools that a lot of people have sex at the formal, but this isnt true in private schools.
There are pre's and an afterparty, and there is a lot of variety with who is hosting it and what will be happening.

Anne: Have you got your dress for the formal yet?
Lauren: I better get it soon, its only 4 months away.

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Formal - meaning

A dance in which the girls ask the boys. Girls are supposed to ask them in some creative fashion. Happens typically in high schools where kids go to the dance in groups of friends, dance, have fun, and eat alot.

Fairfax: I have no idea who I am going to ask to formal
Tori: Really? I think I am going to ask Dylan
Fairfax: hmm why Dylan?
Tori: Because the girls ask the boys for this dance and I love him so much.
Fairfax: How are you going to ask him?
Tori: Hmm Idk i guess i will think of something...

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Formal - definition

A byproduct of customs and morals, derived where formality is already "dead" or out-dated and, popularly, seens to prevent progress or simply kills usable time with something unimportant.

Tying ties for special occasions such as a job interview or marriages with the Double-windsor knot is a formality just as much as using a Three piece suit with three buttons and single breasted.

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Formal - slang

Formal is the adjective that can be used to describe a form, a really hot chick.

Wow that Kristin chick is very formal.

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U.K. A formal dinner at a university, usually where formal dress is worn and much alcohol is drunken.

Formal was awesome last night. Mind you I didn't half feel it this morning.

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An occasion where highschool students.. usually of their last years.. gather along with teachers to socialise, dance, eat, and maybe tell speeches. Pretty much a celebration of graduating, how ever some schools have year 11 formals.. and even year 10 formals! Dress code is formal (opposite to casual) hence the name. Some countries call it the Prom, but in Australia its called the Formal. Girls dress up in nice dresses and take a partner who wears a tie that matches the girls dress and sometimes brings along a corsage for the girl to wear.. most girls find it super sweet and exciting.

"oh my god formal in 2 days how exciting!"

"fuck the formal, i want the after party"

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a formal event where you dress up formaly. usually one has a date and asks in a special way.

Allison Curtis, will you go to formal with Hunter Grimm?

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