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What is forgetting?

I can't remember.

Teacher: What is the meaning of forget?
Student: I can't remember

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forgetting - meme gif

forgetting meme gif

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Forgetting - what is it?

A response to something unbelievable, or crazy.

You won the lottery, forget it.

Forget it, James got into an accident.

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What does "forgetting" mean?

Short for: I don't want to talk about it because I have sand in my vagina.

Girl: I hate it when....

Boy: What? What were you going to say?

Girl: Forget it.

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Forgetting - what does it mean?

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Forgetfulness... now what does that mean again?

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Forgetting - meaning

To lose thought and to not remember an idea,a thought,or information

Michael often forgets to take out the garbage, so the house starts to stink.

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Forgetting - definition

Used to replace fucking in a sentance, just like in the Cee Lo Green song "Forget you", replacing the version "Fuck you", and in the SNL skit.

Q: Did you hear tomorrow everyone is ditching work.
A: No way! You gotta be forgetting kidding me.

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Forgetting - slang

usually something you do when you're stoned

"dude, i forgot where I live. . . ."

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...sorry what was the word again?

....wha? hmm? ohhhhh.....

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A silly person who forgets everything.

My girlfriend is such a forgeter, she forgot my brother's name.

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When your friend always forgets something all the time but you can't hold it against them

Friend #1: "Hey Jen did you remember that piece of paper I wrote for you?"
Friend #2: "Damn it man no the forgetitis is so real today!"
Friend #1:" Thats ok I won't hold it against you or anything..."

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