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What is for it?

To be reliable for something. typically money!

Jamal: Yo Shawn! Lend me some money dog.

Shawn: You good for it?

Jamal: Yea man I'm always good for it.

Shawn: If you ain't you know whats going to happen, right?

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For it - what is it?

Really wanting something or someone

When it comes to badminton - Asians are sick for it

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What does "for it" mean?

(English/Scouse slang)
I agree to go

"You up for going down the pub?"
"Yeah mate, im up for it"

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For it - what does it mean?

When a woman is desperate for sex, she is gagging for it

D-Mac: Fabs, how did your date go last night? She was gagging for it.
Fabs: The ice-cream was good, but I didn't fuck her.

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For it

mad for it is a condition suffered exclusively in the greater manchester region. Becoming mad for it often stems from over-excitement from listening to the happy mondays or stone roses. Being mad for it means something similar to a state of excited anticipation. The after effects of being mad for it are hangovers, a sausage sellotaped to one's neck and a really ugly bird who is the cousin of John Squire. apparantly.

John: "Fuckin' MAD FOR IT!!!"
Liam: "wha' 'bout?"
John: "Don' Kno'!! but fucking TUUUUUUUUUUUNE!"

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For it

Equivalent to "go ahead".

If you need to leave, go for it.

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For it

a sucker, someone who cannot fight; a person who is clueless

Awwww he sweet for it. He's ducking the fight; Ay he sweet for it, all that money about to fall out his pocket, somebody better tell him.

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For it

A phrase that expresses pleasure or support for something

Girl #1: Have you seen Jake's new haircut?
Girl #2: yes girl it looks bangin. I'm so here for it

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For it

"Down for it" means when you agree with a person about something .

" wanna face time?"

Sure I'm down for it

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For it

words more powerful than the n-word

used by the prestigous Hr. Mall

Mr Hall: “already kids don’t forget your sig figs for it.

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