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What is floppy?

A person who tapes his left mouse button down, then attempts to win at Quake3 by throwing his mouse around the room while his character is using rocket launcher.

WhiteHawK almost dodged FloppY's rocket

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Floppy - what is it?

A horrible assault on a man's genitals, wherein the assailant loosens up his arm and, using it like a whip, smacks the victim's junk with the tip of the back of his hand (preferably the tip of the middle finger).

Dude, did you see that floppy? He floppied him so hard, the poor guy threw up!

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What does "floppy" mean?

a women with big fat tits

sally was on a trampoline her tits were oh so floppy

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Floppy - what does it mean?

1. mostly found in new jersey, this type of male is generally malnourished, over 6'0 tall with a slight suggestion of muscle tone. also comes with a comically large cock thanks to the pharm-laced new jersey water system. usually unemployed. always great in bed.

got fucked by a floppy last night. i love life.

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Floppy - meaning

Floppy : extremely derogitive term derived from south african 70's slang Meaning/reffering to a dead black mans body used by white police to describe doa (dead on arrival) and on the streets pre-tense as a threat towards a black south african.

"that n***a is flirting with my girl i'ma make him a floppy"

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Floppy - definition

n. An unusually long, hanging clitoris.

"Does that stripper have a really tiny dick?"
"No, man, that's just a floppy"

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Floppy - slang

Also known as a relaxing wang, or one that is not erect

Hit her with the floppy, not the bona!

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A type of computer disk, often 3.5''.

"I have a floppy in my pocket."
"Whatid you say?"
"I mean a floppy disk you linear-minded fuck."

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a state of being where you are very out of it, but in a chaotic and silly way. Usually caused by being tired/working for too long. Can be both mental and physical (floppy movement)

β€œgod, we were all so floppy by the end of that 5-hour rehearsal, Grace was rolling on the floor and Maggie couldn’t stop giggling at everything”

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When one cannot get hard when a girl is trying to give said man a blowjob.

When Taylor got on her knees, she noticed Ben was still floppy.

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