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What is floppin?

When the adjective floppin is used to describe bro it refers to him having a large penis that he enjoys to flop out of his pants. This is done to make those around him uncomfortable and to show he has a much larger penis than you.

Dude if I see that Floppin Bro's dick one more time I'm going to kick his ass.

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Floppin - what is it?

wearing flip-flops over socks, thus making socks very obvious

Once upon a time, sock-floppin' was a major fashion "don't."
Sock-floppin' would be all the rage if Angelina Jolie did it.

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What does "floppin" mean?

Nickname given to a woman with jiggly boobs so big her shirt can hardly contain them.

Hey, have you seen the jiggly new waitress they hired? - Oh, you mean Tits a Floppin? I heard they had to call in Omar to make her blouse!

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Floppin - what does it mean?

The act of placing ones flaccid penis upon the cheek of a willing participant while watching the sunset.

Yo my shawty and I always be west floppin no matter the place.

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Floppin - meaning

When you bust out your nuts whether somebody wants to see them or not.

I was stretching for soccer practice and the cheerleading team cruised by - so I started floppin donkey to get their attention.

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Floppin - definition

Adjective: commonly used to describe something grandoise or majestic, often complimentary.

"Damn dude, you see that?"
"Fuck! Shawty's booty straight floppin'!"

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Floppin - slang

More commonly referred to as Free Balling, Floppin' is going about your business without wearing underpants. Floppage is the degree to which you are Floppin' and this is decided by the Flop Factors, Temperature and Humidity.

Person 1: Yo you floppin'?
Person 2: Yeah bro all of my underwear is dirty.

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To jam with one of the numerous Flophouse bands.

Let's gather on Sunday for floppin.

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To fall on or over something. Usually in an effortless motion.

I just flopped on your mom's extremely large rack.

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Crashin at someones house. Doin nothin at someones home.

We're not doing anything, just floppin at Jared's house.

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