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What is firm?

Literally legit as fuck, or defining something as great as it can be. Straight up.

Damn Holmes, did you see those girls walk by??? They look so Firme!!

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firm meme gif

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Firm - what is it?

Very wide meaning, used to describe something as "good" in any sense.

"That kfc was firm"

"That lads nose is a firmly large hooter"

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What does "firm" mean?

something cool, smooth, nice

Damn that's a firme looking ride

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Firm - what does it mean?

: the level of firm; not weak; having a solid or compact structure
usually referenced to the firm level of a woman's ass or breasts.
One may judge the firmativity of an ass or breasts by firmly grabbing a palmful, then grasping and/or coressing the subjects goods, then judging by curves, proportion, and perkiness..will result in the determination of the Firmativity.

"So me and this girl were going at it and i reached down and grabbed her ass..i couldn't get over the firmativity of her was breathtaking."

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Firm - meaning

fine, nice, hot, good

That '52 Chevy was bien firme!

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Firm - definition

To take something that is hard to bear.

She just told me she's not interested.

- Mate you have to firm it.
- Mate gotta firm that shit.
- Firm it son.

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Firm - slang

can mean football holligans like in football factory but usually means a gang of organlise crime members who get together to make profit like the uk's mafia

hey the firm coming down to sought the shit out

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a gang of football hooligans

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a group of football hooligans, usually made up of 200-300 people, but the best firms have far more than that number.

Millwall, Cardiff City, Stoke City, West Ham, etc.

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Meaning final price in terms of selling things. Used on Facelist and sometimes Craigslist. If you sell something at firm it means you will go no higher and no lower, it is your final price.

Guy 1 - *Selling a pair of shoes for $30*
Guy 2 - "Will you go down to 20?"
Guy 1 - "No, $30 firm."

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