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What is finish it?

Opposite of being Fresh.

Synonyms: Over, Done

After singing the little mermaid for 3 hours and annoying everyone, Chris was finished.

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finish it - video

Finish it - what is it?

When a closeted homosexual gets caught catching head from a transvestite in the front seat of his car.

That's why I'm the finisher bitch, said Mr Cee. to his transvestite partner that evening after splooging on his face

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What does "finish it" mean?

when a girl makes you cum when giving head or a handjob (although handjobs blow, and we can do a better job ourselves). Good girls always finish guys and swallow too, while mean girls leave the guys to finish themselves.

1) Man: "Ooooo. I'm gonna cum."
Mean girl: "Ok. Can we make out again?"
Man: "Why don't you finish me?"
Mean girl: "Gross."

2) Man: "Ooooo."
Good girl: "..."
Man: "I just busted one in the back of your throat."
Good girl: "I know. I liked it."

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Finish it - what does it mean?

Finito or done. Like, the best you have EVER had. Really? It was that good? Like over before it even started. Need say no more. One and done? Any takers?

He Finished her.

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Finish it - meaning

Meaning: It's over and done with. Whether it's a relationship or a book coming to an end. No longer necessary.

I thought he was so hot yesterday. Today...He's so finished.

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Finish it - definition

said to encourage complete debasement of opponent in a battle of words

*two people are fighting, after a particularly harsh jab,
*third person watching says: Finish it!

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Finish it - slang

To achieve orgasm

Jeff made sure to let her finish too.

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Finish it


I “finishedin her

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Finish it

When you're jerking off and cycling through all those ladies in your mind, The Finisher is the girl that you climax to.

Nikki is kinda hot, but she'll never be the finisher. I mean, you gotta save the best for last, right?

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Finish it

You know when you're jerking off and cycling through all those chick in your mind... well the finisher is the chick you finish jerking with.

Stacey was totally my finisher last time I whacked it!

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