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What is felt?

A word said used by Jamaican dancehall artiste Rygin King, The correct word should be "fell" But Rygin king did not knew this because he is "fully dunce"

felt out of High School at Grade 10

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Felt - what is it?

1. to recieve a punishing blow (getting felt)

2. to get any unpleasant treatment

3. to lose convincingly

Dude, don't pick a fight with him, you'll get felt!

"Did you win whilst playing Xbox?"
"No man, I got felt like an actual drunken teen"

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What does "felt" mean?

Very strange band from the 1980's. Helmed by recluse Lawrence Hayward, they released a lot of albums in a relatively short period of time. Most of the songwriting credits go to Lawrence and Maurice Deebank, the lead guitarist.

Their music is alternately silly and strangely appealing. While apparently they had some sort of cult following, none of said following has tried to copy their sound; on first listening the harmonies seem completely awkward, although it makes kinda more sense the third or fourth time around.

Not well-remembered by today's indie kids, but nevertheless deserves a listen, if only as a curiosity...

Felt was an indie band from England.
Felt is also the name for the collaboration between emcees Slug and Murs. Slug is the dude from Atmosphere.

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Felt - what does it mean?

the great Jewish super hero

dude! did u see Felt save that pig from the butcher shop?

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A fuzzy, soft fabric.
Also used to cover pool tables.

That pool table is covered with felt.

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Bike shorts that are not black and are tight enough to show all the contents of someone's package

Dude, did you check out the felt on those guys from Poland in the red kit?? Was that real or a potato?

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A Underground Rap group composed of MURS and Atmosphere. They have composed two albums. Most of their songs relate to women and mainly trials and tribulations. They are one of the greatest groups in the underground rap game

Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci (2002)
Felt, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (2005)

"You can't fuck with the Felt flow!
All the shit that you talking, don't help you grow."

-Gangsta Ass Anthony (Felt, Vol. 2: A tribute to Lisa Bonet)

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The act of taking all of an opponent's chips in a poker game, leaving him with nothing in front of him but the felt on the poker table.

"Simon just got felted with pocket rockets."

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the act of agreeing non-verbally with someone with whom u share exclusive knowledge of easiness. "Being Felt": state of mind fulfilled when the peers around you agree and approve of your actions on a more than regular basis. Usually, one that is FELT must also abide to the rules of the Easiness.

2Pac is felt because he is known and loved and approved by the mainstream and his lyrics are the exclusive knowledge that is shared with the people that feel him.

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Similar to using same in a sentence. Used when someone says something you agree with, or feel similarly about. A shortened version of "I felt that"

"I'm so tired of this Coronavirus lockdown. I just want to go out and get drinks with some friends."
"Mhm, felt."

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