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What is fat penis?

When a African male has a nigger penis

Yo fat nigger penis 69 yo the porn vids

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fat penis - video

Fat penis - what is it?

When specifically fat African American shits on his own genitals.

Bob: Something stinks in here.
Mike: Sorry fam, did a fat nigga poo penis earlier.

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What does "fat penis" mean?

A man who has a dick so big, it hurts a girl when he puts it in her pussy.

Dude, that penis fat made some girl happy yesterday.

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Fat penis - what does it mean?

When a fat man lift's up his stomach,starts intercourse (preferably doggystyle),then drop the belly on them

Briz gave me the fat boy penis and wore my back out

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Fat penis - meaning

Alan Lam's head.

He has an elongated, fat penis for a head.

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Fat penis - definition

A foot long hotdog, or large juicy sausage. Not used in polite company.

Ben: So I had an elongated, fat penis for lunch. Smothered in hot mustard.

Tanya: Gross!

Ben: Oookay.. Well what did you have?

Tanya: Okay fine, I ate out a dripping, wet pussy, covered in KY jelly. Beat that!

Ben: You're a lesbian? I thought you loved me!

Tanya: I thought we were playing a game...

Ben: Is that what love is to you, A GAME!!??

Tanya: I didn't mean---

Ben: The HELL you didn't mean! You're breaking my heart girlfriend, is this about your old flame Steve again?

Tanya: Oh yeah, I suppose you are jealous. Maybe you wanted Steve's elongated, fat penis, huh?

Ben: He didn't even like sausages.

Tanya: Damn right he wasn't gay, we did it twice a week, sideways!

Ben: That hurts... just because our love life isn't perfect you've always got to compare me to him. Hey wait a minute, what do you mean he wasn't gay.

Tanya: He wasn't---

Ben: Hey wait, you're talking about sex, I was talking about food! An elongated fat, penis is a hot dog!

Tanya: WHAT??

Ben: Yeah, and you told me you liked to eat out women!

Tanya: I did not! I thought you were just trying to gross me out with homosexual references, so I'd one up you!

Ben: Ohhh. That's what I get for using obscure slang! I thought everyone knew what an elongated fat penis was!

Tanya: I'm sorry darling. Please forgive me! I didn't mean what I said about Steve.

Ben: I'm sorry too honey, I know you're not a lesbian, like my old flame Cassandra.

Tanya: No need to bring her into this, honey.

Ben: Sorry sweetie. Hey, how about we go listen to some of those Indigo Girls albums you like, and we share an elongated, fat penis together!

Tanya: Yeah baby!

*couple walks off hand in hand*

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Fat penis - slang

a way to break an awkward silence in a conversation with friends.

Dave: she has nice skin
Bill: ...
Dave: Fat Penis

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