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What is fat ass?

very big ass or person some one u can point and laugh at

alicia u can't miss her

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Fat ass - what is it?

anyone who is extremly over weight

Bryce is a fuckin fat ass and so is sara.

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What does "fat ass" mean?

being fat.

Quirky's a fat ass and he dogs the boys

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Fat ass - what does it mean?

Someone who is extremely proud of their laziness and should be worshipped for their ability to avoid burning calories.

"Shanotgettinit!" Shouted the fatass when the knock came on the door.

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Fat ass - meaning

A fat bitch. So fat they cant even see their penis anymore. Someone who the opposite sex is ASHAMED to be seen with. A large corpulent person with sausage fingers and a fat mush face.

Mike: Did you see that vitale kid?

Art: Yea, he sure is a fat ass. Girls must laugh at that sucker.

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Fat ass - definition

a fat fuck who only thinks about eating and doesnt have anything better to do

"damn that guy Joe is such a fat ass since he only thinks about eating food"

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Fat ass - slang

A fat person who cant move or stand up ...... well only when they are licking the cheeto cheese off their fingers

that fat ass is so fat i bet it takes him 35 mins to find MR. happy

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Fat ass

a person that sits on the couch all day and watches shows like Ricki, Maury, and Jerry, and eats bon bons

you're a fat ass

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Fat ass

a FAT ASS is a voluptuous female butt that brings many men (mainly black guys) pleasure to the eye. It is often very round and large in size.

Man, Kim Kardashian has a FAT ASS!

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Fat ass

As in a Fat Person and/or an extremely large buttocks. Can also be used in an insult, calling someone "fat" may not always work, so adding "Fatass" My help to boost your insult to astronomical heights

"Taylor has a Fat Ass"
"Taylor is a Fat Ass"

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