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What is farmers daughter?

When some where’s really wet and soggy...
Cause the farmers daughter is always wet on church day

Bro1:Dude did you see outside

Bro2:yah it’s wetter than the farmers daughter on church day out there.

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Farmers daughter - what is it?

Farmer's daughter syndrome is what girls have when they are prevented from getting attention from guys while they are growing up. This causes them to act "easy" or "desperate" since they have no relationship experience and will make them fall in love with the first man they come across. Attractive women of this nature are common in guy's fantasies, but rare in real life.

Guy 1:I was out in rural Wyoming last week and slept with this girl who acted like she's never seen a man in her life. It was awesome.

Guy 2: Dude she totally had Farmer's daughter syndrome.

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What does "farmers daughter" mean?

Innocent looking girl, typically from Midwestern America. She seems innocent enough but in reality will try to have sex with as many people as possible. Watch out her dad WILL have a shotgun and WILL try to shoot you. If he doesn't kill you, her STD's will.

Geroge: Did you see Jessica's hot friend?
Tim: Yeah, she doesn't look like she'll put out though...
George: She totally does! She's a Farmer's Daughter!
Tim: Damn! You think Jessica's tapping that?

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Farmers daughter - what does it mean?

Slang for a quarter of an ounce

henry today?
no, better make it a farmers daughter

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