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What is farmer?

A vicious inbred person, who is worse then a dentist.

Budgie : My house is just past those fields, we'll take a short cut.
James : You gotta be kidding that farmer will bum and shoot us for breathing on his land.

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Farmer - what is it?

To directly blast out a booger without the use of one's finger or a tissue. Not through use of a loogie.

Joe goes into the showers at the dorms so he can farmer one out each morning to clear out his sinusses.

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What does "farmer" mean?

An individual, in the eyes of an urbanite, who resides in a rural area regardless of occupation.

"I can tell he's a farmer by the way he dresses."
Honk, honk. "Get off the road and back in the fields, you fucking farmer!"

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Farmer - what does it mean?

1. Really boring
2. Not fun
3. A person with no life
4. Uninteresting

Man: Let's go to the mall for a movie!

Woman: No, I'm gonna go home and sleep

Man: You're so farmer!


Gosh, that teacher was certainly farmer.

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Farmer - meaning

Mid-western slang used to replace the F word. Most notable in the expression "melon-farmer." Similar to frick.

Jim came over to my place last night and drank all my beer, what a farmer.

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Farmer - definition

A cop who plants evidence.

Ever notice how Det. Jones and Smith are the last to show up on a bust but they're the first to find a stash?

Yeah. They're farmers. They plant.

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Farmer - slang

Is a term used in assosiation with MMORPG. This is a person who play the game with the primary pourpose of making real life profit. They do this by farming money and items in game and then turn around and sell them on the internet for real life cash. To aid in there farming farmers usually use third party programs and camp out specific location in the game for a long period of time.

It's getting harder to find a good place to level with all the dam farmers everywhere.

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Some one who grows marijuana.either in a house or outside.

guy 1:hey man can you hook me up with some weed?

guy 2:yeah for sure,my cousin steve is a farmer!

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a woman who raises a man's cock

Man: Are you a farmer?
Woman: Why?
Man: Because you raise one helluva of a cock.

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An almost always respectable person, who grows the food that the general public so ungraciously eats. Don't take farmers for granted. Hell, love us. WE FEED YOU PEOPLE!

(Why I am on URBAN dictionary, I have no idea)

Example: My father, the farmer

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