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What is falsetto?

A musical term describing an exceptionally high pitched voice. A super-mega falsetto is much higher pitched in comparison to the lesser "super falsetto", or the even lower pitched "falsetto".

The term was first officially recognized as a musical descriptor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and later the British Institute of the Arts.

An example of the super-mega falsetto is Nick Pitera's rendition of "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin.

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Falsetto - what is it?

When one falsely considers themselves to be hilarious, the self deception of being funny. A person who is often perceived as a wiseguy, jokester, or smart-ass is characterized as having falsetto humoroso.

A man and his chair: Doug noticed that his 18 year worn-out lazyboy recliner was no longer amongst the formal living room furnishings. He found this note on the table; "I brought your chair downtown to the dump then saw that the Antiques Rode Show was in town and stopped to have it appraised!"
"Ha-Ha ..Doug exclaimed, my wife has a severe cause of falsetto humoroso!"

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What does "falsetto" mean?

Noun also adjective by context

1. The illusion of higher social status provided by assuming the trappings, fashions, mannerisms, language and idiom of a culture or subculture to which one does not rightly belong. 2. A wanna-be or poseur. 3. A soul-dead culture thief.

See also wigger, see also ICP See also rapper see also eminem.

Johnny used to be an individual, but now he wears baggy pants, over-sized sports jerseys, his cap sideways, lots of gold chains and listens to rap like all the other Falsetto Cool kids in his class.

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Falsetto - what does it mean?

An extremely funny musical with four (five) jews bitching in a room, a terrible psychiatrist, and seriously dysfunctional family relationships but oh no, people break up over chess, a kid hates his parents, racquetball happens, bar mitzvah shenanigans, oh and someone dies. And it will make you cry at some point; it's so good.

Did you see Falsettos? It's been revived on Broadway! Yeah, I was sobbing at the end

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To falsetto is to fake a scream in a high-pitched tone during sex.

During sex last might she was like, "aah aah aah aah" in a falsetto.

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A female that wears weave, false eyelashes, contacts,and etc., all at the same time.

Mike..."Man that chic is ready. She is just how I like'em". "She got good hair too".

Will..."Man,that chic is a falsetto. Aint nothing natural about her except her skin......I guess"!?

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Back in the Renaissance period (approx. 1475-1600)the Roman Catholic church did not approve of women singing in the choir. Because of this, they castrated young boys in order to keep their feminine quality so their voices wouldnt change and they could sing as high as a woman. This went on until 1903.

Tariq: "Yo man, did you lose your balls?"
Ferdinand: "Actually, yes. I am a falsetto in my church's choir."

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above the normal vocal range.
"a controlled (and purposely done) cracking of the voice"
usually done by a male singer, using his voice to reach a note he normally wouldn't be able to reach.

the falsetto in A Chance Without's song is incredible.

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During a sexual act, a high pitch tone/scream, usually done by a female. However, males can reach it too.

Yo bro, last night I got this girl in a deep ass falsetto.

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Coined by singer/producer/writer The Dream in the song of the same name in 2007, to falsetto is to reach an orgasm during sex or a sexual act, and scream in a high-pitched tone. Usually executed by females, but can also be done by males.

Hey dude, you should've heard me and my girl Tasia last night. I made her falsetto so loud i thought my ears were gonna EXPLODE!

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