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What is excused?

The words coming out of Dustin's mouth whilst attempting to avoid a smack-down.

Dustin kept making excuses about why he couldn't participate in the Wizard's Duel.

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Excused - what is it?

Diarrhea. It will get you out of anything, including high school classes. No one will argue with you, or question you further.

(a teacher and a student)

T: I'm going to write you up for skipping my class again!

S (in a hushed voice, The Excuse): ummmm....I couldn't get off the toilet...I had diarrhea...

T: um...

(at this point the teacher dosn't want to listen anymore, and pretends to be busy. you walk away in sucess)

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Video meme

What does "excused" mean?

An alternative word for the phrase "I didn't ask to be excused." (I didn't ask for excusion.)"

Girl 1: *farts*
Girl 2: "Excuse you!!!"
Girl 1: "I didn't ask for excusion."

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Excused - what does it mean?

Like assholes, we all have one, and they all stink.

my dog ate my homework

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Excused - meaning

they are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in them seldom accomplish anything.

henry: bitch, why didnt you make me those waffles yet?!

bitch: i was watching maury.

henry: stupid whore, excuses are tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in them seldom accomplish anything. now get back to the kitchen.

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Excused - definition

A perfectly valid reason, but one which your boss, teacher, or other superior simply doesn't like.

Boss: Why are you late?
You: My flight crash-landed, and it killed my dog too.
Boss: What a terrible excuse! You're fired for real this time!

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Excused - slang

An attempt to create a justification for something that you knowingly decided to flake out on. Lack of balls to take responsibility for your own actions or wrong doing. A pussy attempt to make someone feel better about their disappointment by disguising a lie as an excuse.

I've been meaning to call you back but I have been really busy. Total bullshit excuse. The person saying this is full of shit they are either avoiding you or had something else that was more important to them.

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Getting on with your life...not letting things get in your way...being positive and optimistic...not looking for a reason to avoid something...not wasting an opportunity...

There's 'no excuses' for not making the most of your life.

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Derived from the word "Excuse".It is tendency/Disease/Regular behaviour of making excuse for every poor performance.In simpler words,giving excuses for everything and trying to back their faults

person 1:-Your calculation seems wrong
person 2:-i guess the calculator isnt working right

person1:-your handwriting is ridiculous
person2:-i think the pencil isnt dark enough
person1:-dude,you are EXCUSITIS

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1.) Alowed to leave. 2.)Released 3.)Forgivin

1./2. Teacher: You are excused class.

3.(friend takes a dank fart) Excuse you, bitch.

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