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What is excite?

the "discreet" term my boyfriend uses when he asks me if I wanna have sex

Alex was getting ansy at the party and wouldn't you know it, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, " Do you wanna go and have the excitement?"

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Excite - what is it?

a pure overload of excitement and complete nervousness resulting in the miss of a kill on COD.

Person 1: Wow nice kill!
Person 2: Ya excition took over and I got fucked

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What does "excite" mean?

to be horney

a guy when he sees a girl naked

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Excite - what does it mean?

The uncontrollable need for something that is not available but is coming very soon. The feeling of anticipation.

I'm excited about the "Wolf Pack" Payday DLC. Hits steam on the 7th of August

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Excite - meaning

the act of rapidly, sporadically wiggling your fingers together in a crazy fashion. usually accompanied by some weird ass face.

what are you doing with your fingers man?

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Excite - definition

A feeling often brought on by the publishing of a word you submitted to urban dictionary

I just won a new car, but I am more excited about getting a word published on urban dictionary!

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Excite - slang

(1) verb: being happy or joyful that something will happen
(2) slang: being horny

(1) Smart Geeky Girl: I am excited about tomorrow's pop quiz
(2) Bo grew excited when Ashley walked into the room, and asked to go to the restroom. But, unfortunetly, the illiterate teacher would not let him go because the teacher cannot understand English!!

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being so overwelmingly happy that you could piss rainbows.

the trix rabbit when he gets his hands on that cereal, hes super excited

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The word that no one can spell on the internet.

I'm so exited about my vacation!

Excited, not exited, dumbass.

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Excite: The level of excitement ranked below excited .
Or: You are either to lazy to type out excited or just wanted to sound stupid.

Ex: Person A: Hey I can come over tomorrow

Person B: Good, I am excite.

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