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What is eradication?

Also known as Z.E.U.S.
Z.E.U.S was founded very recently in response to the impeding zombie apocalypse. Services include: ass kicking, slaying zombies, fortification, ass kicking, and more zombie killing.

911: This is 911 emergency, what service do you require?
Guy: OMG there's zombies everywhere, we're trapped on our roof, send help!!!
911: Stay calm sir, Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad has been dispatched.
Guy: We're saved!
5 min later

Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad arrives on site.
1 min later
Guy: 911? Hello? Me again, all the zombies are dead, we've been saved! Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad has done it again!

Guy1: Why is there a boot sticking out of that dead zombie's face?
Guy2: Zombie Eradication Unguiferous Squad was here, and one of them kicked it's ass so hard they lost their boot.
Guy1: o_O

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eradication - meme gif

eradication meme gif

eradication - video

Eradication - what is it?

A meme account on Instagram that only posts memes about lemons and kangaroo trivia.

Phone: eradication_station posted a photo.
Eradication Station: Do you know any kangaroo trivia? Lemons

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What does "eradication" mean?

The definition of Eradical is "Pp faces who are money hungry pigs" For example EA, which stands for "Eradical Assholes"

Wow! EA is so Eradical! (Pp faces money hungry pigs)

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Eradication - what does it mean?

when someone gets messed up

*guy gets knocked out*

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Eradication - meaning

noob, likes to chat, porn man

"eradicator is chatting and looking at porn again!"

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Eradication - definition

to get rid off, for good.

All emos should be eradicated

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Eradication - slang

The term or phrase normally used when you need to rid something of existence on the earth.

"Lucas is being an ass, we must give him the eradication"

"The dinosaurs got the eradication by the meteors back in the day."

"My food tastes like shit, I have to eradicate it."

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The complete detruction of a Virus for humans. No one has it and no one can ever get it "naturaly" again. Ever
Anyone who has it must be kept away from everyone and not allowed under any cercomstances to be alowed to reproduce

Eradication of small pox

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To completely destroy or annihilate something.

The sun would eradicate you if you were to crashed into it.

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(v) The act of destroying everything in one's path to include personal property, random objects, computer desks, refrigerators, and duct taping the tops of condiments to their respective bottles, relationships, and random people's lives that occurs when one is charlanded or in a state of eradication (which is way above blacked out).

Person D: I did what?
Person C: You eradicated every bar in Saratoga last night. You were flipping over tables, going into the kitchen and eating french fries off the line, while the poor Mexican guy in the kitchen was just looking at you. Then you went to my friend's house and eradicated her life.

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