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What is equilibrium?

Probably THE most uncreative movie ever made. Swiped fully off of much better movies like THX 1138, Fahrenheit 451 & 1984 but added nothing of it’s own to the genre. The biggest flaw of this movie is its whole “NO EMOTION” concept which is easily found flawed since EVERYONE had emotions. 2nd would be its bullshit Gun Kata that was merely designed to tap into the current trend of other Hollywood Kung Fu movies.

when 67% of critics say Equilibrium blows... there's a chance they're right.

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Equilibrium - what is it?

The best movie ever.

yo yo I watched Equilibrium last night and I was lime "woooahhh!"

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What does "equilibrium" mean?

A great action movie starring Christian Bale, and featuring the highest on-screen body count of any film (non-war).

Even more than Hard Boiled.

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Equilibrium - what does it mean?

The greatest metal band ever.

Equilibrium's instrumental, Mana, made my fucking head explode.

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Things which are balanced.

his sex life is in equilibrium with his grans.

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Formerly an underground Hip-Hop supergroup from Tampa, Florida consisting of Celph Titled, DutchMassive and Majik Most.

Known for singles such as "Windows 98" and "Fahrenheit 813".

"Windows 98" sampled the Windows 95 start up sound. It was rumored that Bill Gates himself had called the group approving of the song.

After a long absence the group came together for the song "Time Travels On" on Celph Titled's album Nineteen Ninety Now.

Equilibrium need to do another album!

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The Best movie ever.

"Equilibrium rocks!!"

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An excruciatingly good action movie.

Yo have you seen equilibrium??? best movie EVAR!!

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What you blame it on.

But I'm innocent, blame it on my equilibrium

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1. A state of balance resulting from the equal actions of opposite forces.

2. A movie by Kurt Wimmer.

If you are holding an object in mid-air (Not using your hands, by something like a fan) then you have created equilibrium in the object.

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