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What is envy's?

Palmtree with a grudge against the world.

Envy: "Well that depends, I can be whoever you want. So who would you like, Mr. Fullmetal Pipsqueak? Huh? Maybe a taller a version of you?"

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envy's meme gif

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Envy's - what is it?

a. Someone who hasn't deed it.
b. To get roasted like Eva.
c. To already come out at a Gay Parade.
d. Opposite of straight up cleva.

Envy: I gotta run up on that cat with the pump... yeah man

Eli: I got one question mayne tell me who next?..
This ni**a soft like a ni**a who dun gittin da best

see i'm the best mayne... I deeed it!
I.... (long pause)

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What does "envy's" mean?

Noun: a desire or craving, esp. for food

A term used primarily in the South (especially in southeast Louisiana), to describe an extreme desire or craving for something, usually a specific type of food.

From the French word "envie," meaning "a wish or desire."

"For some reason, I've had an envie for french fries lately.. let's go get some now!"

Also, "For some reason, I've had THE envie for french fries lately... let's go get some now!"

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Envy's - what does it mean?

An androgynous homunculus of Hagaren who is able to change shape at will. A member of the 7 "Sins" group. See also palm tree, cactus, lightbulb.

We know Roy has many girlfriends, but how many of them are REALLY Envy?!

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Envy's - meaning

A bitter state or hatred induced by another having something more than oneself. Most acute between people where the difference is slight, eg, a neighbour with a minutely more expensive car. The most denied emotion - "I'm not envious, I don't hate her because she's got more money than me!".

People envy Paris Hilton because she has large wealth for which she has done nothing, but they comment on other aspects of her rather than this.

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Envy's - definition

the wanting/desire/admiration of or for what another person has. Commonly confused with jealousy, but not the same.

Damn that bitch is so skinny. I wish i was skinny like her, I envy her.

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Envy's - slang

When you wish you had someones looks, talent, nice car and personality but you dont so you badmouth them to make yourself look better or them look worse. It's called leveling and practiced by those with low self esteem/insecurity.

Damn, I wish i had a cool personality/ good looks/nice car like that but since I don't I'll just talk about the person. Must be envy.

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Antis of the K-pop group (G)I-DLE are called Envies. It's a word play of the group's fandom name nevies, as they're truly just envy and secretly fans of (G)I-DLE.

The Envies are truly jobless, sometimes I think they're more of a (G)I-DLE fan than I am lmao

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To feel hatred towards a person who you feel has more than you and a better life. I think people learn to envy by watching all these rap videos and kim kardisian bullshit. You program your subconcious to feel this envy in your heart. For example if you watch rich and famous people all day and you come into the presence of one and they show you how they live you would feel intimidated and ashamed for nothing. People who brag have low self esteem. Learn to imagine your self in the mind instead of thinking about how rich Justin Bieber is and what he has and meet him and he'll envy you for being strong not like most of his kick ass fans and fake friends who prey on him to get money

I envy her she has a sexy boyfriend

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One of the seven deadly sins- Envy is a feeling of grudging admiration for another's talent, integrity, personality, looks, money or happiness.

Envy oftens serves as the motivation for different acts.

Envy may lead one to avoid, to dislike or to insinuate the so called superior person is bad to make others think badly of them. They wish for the other person to not have whatever they are envious and go to extreme measures to prevent them from having it. If they can't get it they are satisfied with trying to destroy thier happiness through under-handed means.

He didn't want to see her happy so he set up a plan to attempt to bring her unhappiness.

She had envy in her heart of the girl who always beat her talent-wise so she set out to make everyone hate her through lies, manipulate measures and deception.

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